YouTube child abuse reporting ‘not working properly’ – BBC News

YouTube child abuse reporting ‘not working properly’ – BBC News

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    What vile mind would use a tv mentalist and psychologist would use a telephone or YouTube to try sending hypnotic suggestions to try and sexually bully person.Use Gangstalking to get a reaction of violence by using scripted individuals possibly collaborators to make comments relating to the implanted suggestion.What television company would try to destroy a individual,what people would collaborate.Hypnosis must always work.To work once must feed the ego of these grotesque people.Could you steal a human life with hypnotic bombardment for a ten minute tv programme?No one would do it for years would they?That would be criminal,unethical.A tv company and YouTube would surely want nothing to do with a vile concept.Would they!

  2. Stuart Ashbourne-Martin

    .I tried doing the same thing myself I actually asked the police to attend which they did they basically said there was nothing they could do because some of the comments were disgusting and YouTube even started serialising Hitler's Mein Kampf Again YouTube didn't do anything why not

  3. the500mphtortoise

    Step 1: Drum up controversy on large youtubers-emphasis child fanbase- This ensures no special deals or exceptions for the most popular content creators in the future
    Step 2: Drum up controversy on what uploads are alowed and advertised over- push youtube in allowing advertisers to select content allowing for incentivsation of certain content and slowly an exodus of creators with wrong opinions- thanks to step 1 even popular creators arent safe
    Step 3: problem is the comments arent censored so make up some fake controversy about people trying to solicit children in the comments. This will allow the censoring of comments on any videos that are advertiser friendly meaning people with the right opinions wont have to deal with the wrong ones anymore.

    PS: really? I mean if there has been a single instance of an adult meeting up with a child thanks to communication over youtube comments? Also if the comments are so graphic that you cant show us, im doubtful that it was not just some edgelord as opposed to actual paedos.

  4. Natalie Candido

    I'm glad that this is being flagged. As a mother, I have this concern and I tried blocking bloggers who uses profanity and sexualized content which are inappropriate for children- this person uses animation- so that children will watch their shows! I implore parents to stay alert and safeguard their kids against these youtubers:/

  5. Seek Daily

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  6. Seek Daily

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  7. Valhalla

    Hey BBC, wanna do a report om how you have given refuge to pedos like Jimmy Saville for decades? You know, someone who actually molested hundreds of children, while you allowed him to run his show with children present and disregarding accusations as rumors. BBC the epitome of child safety rofl

  8. john smithson

    Kids shouldn't be on here anyway, so why is it a problem here when the kid makes YT account that violates terms of service agreement, by saying their older than 13 years old! Yeah sure ban the creepers, but ban the kids too, no-one likes kids on here anyway and we especially don't give a fuck about their new puppy! (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ ∪^ェ^∪

  9. Steve S

    More social media slamming by the BBC. I wonder why the BBC do this? Ah yes, trying to protect their 'position of power' over news and opinion.

    As with others, I've been using YouTube for a long time, and while I obviously don't go looking for pedo content (unlike the BBCs 'so-called' journalists apparently), I can't say I have ever seen any of these comments, which makes me think that this a tiny tiny percentage of responses to videos.

    I might add, knowing how, um, open, a lot of commenters are to expressing their views, any pedo comments (or indeed videos supporting pedoism) would be quite rightly rounded upon by other commenters. While this doesn't make the original comment acceptable, it does highlight how the 'youtube community' works at is best – calling out stupid or disgusting ideas.

    This is clearly an attempt to undermine advertisers confidence in the platform, and to 'put out of business' those who make a living from, in particular, holding and discussing opinions that compete in the thoughtspace that traditional media thinks it should have sole ownership.

  10. YT-I-KILL-U

    youtube is censoring by deleting political videos and channels within 10 minutes in germany (after a video was uploaded), which are gainst the mainstream-opinion from the mainstream-media, but in this case the function doesn´t work?! do you wanna fool me?!

  11. Robbie

    While the BBC still coversup & refuses to expose how police, councils, social services, skools, courts & the healthcare system are free & 100% unaccountable to abuse, groom, traffick & even kill orphans in statecare ,YEP, the BBC are a bunch of spineless, corrupt & evil #2FACEDMOTHERFXXKERS

  12. Grey Chip

    Trying to create a shit storm aren't you so you can justify taking control of the internet as your just not believed anymore are you, create a problem let it fester an then say you've the answer, an after all you cant come out like the commies you are you'd let everyone know that your commies then so you do it on the sly.

  13. Hero's 'N' Villains

    Can't believe YouTube are just getting to grips with this now. It's been a problem for years of predatory comments and exploitive videos of kids on the site. I knew about it ages ago as they was a vlogger who tried removing these kind of videos and to make people aware. The comments are sickening and reporting has done nothing ever

  14. Turin Turambar

    Oh, Really? "Completely disable comments"? The old sex police game, again. "Conservative" or "liberal" …it doesn't matter.

    I would bet that YOUR newsteam, of perverts, are the ones making the comments, yourselves, through your little staff of mystery shopper/commenters. And, that, what you've really now tested is a nice little mechanism, for yourselves, to shut down any video that you like for any political content that you don't.

  15. Rostislav Adam

    In Czech, it is a public secret that youtube, facebook, or any other social network has something in their duties, but the reality is far from the duties, for example xenophobia in Czech comments or videos is not deleted. The social networks does nothing if there is nobody(or almost nobody) who controls them.

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