Why Gina Haspel is a controversial CIA decide

Why Gina Haspel is a controversial CIA decide

Gina Haspel is a profession CIA official and can be the primary lady to go the company. However her involvement in working CIA “black websites” throughout the Bush administration is controversial.

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  1. Quoc Khanh Doan Tran

    It’s funny how people would bash on someone else even though y’all can’t even relate to their life. While everyone work a 9 to 5 job and get to come home to their family every night. She dedicated her life to protecting our country, putting her life on the line, stopping terrorist attacks that could’ve taken your life. Yes she destroyed documents but it was for the best interest of the United States, that’s why she didn’t get in trouble. What, would you rather let Germany get their hands on documents that accused America of wrong doing? She wasn’t committing crime because of her own interest but rather for the United States, she gets the job done and keeps everyone safe. That’s good enough for me

  2. TheSnowshreader

    Well if Trump picked another guy for position the media would flip and autistically screech its normal sexism bs, so here is a long serving CIA operative that knows the organization inside and out and the media is finding any issue they can. The CIA doing shady things isn't new. And with the black sites and everything, it was for known terrorists. Why should we care about their "lives". They obviously don't care about us. And if this was such an issue then why didn't the left's Lord and savior Obama do something. BTW, Obama was more focused on spying on Americans than dealing with threats to America. If she is qualified for the position and is a good choice, then left her have it. Go put on your pussy hats and sit in the corner with the rest of the ignorant people (on both sides, ignorance doesn't discriminate) and let the real adults handle national security and running this great nation.

  3. cruz silva

    from what is said about her…sounds not good…more likely Trump believes she well cover his bread crumbs trail….she more likely well not have her way…there be those within the CIA that be against her policys..as well the FBI….all in all… Trump can't prevent his downfall… Mueller well fry trump's asse till burnt crisp…. Trump is desperate by whatever means…but.. it's best to leave would be Caesar to would be Brutus hands… common saying…for every would be Caesar..lurk's Brutus from within…to actually see it play out live …. Trump has gone to far in his corruption……

  4. I M Infamous

    Why is it controversial? Because the Washington based reality show "I am the President, you have to believe me!" has leaked that
    she will be fired in only 4 episodes. The reason will be that she did not want her pussy grabbed.
    Sadly this is not a comedy.

  5. OLDSKOOL978

    Another racist controlling another arm of our government. Can’t wait for us minorities to rise against the oppressors. These “colonizers” are out of their mind if they believe their brown black and yellow neighbors are gonna let their children be screwed over as they have been. This bullshit ends soon. #JohnWilkesBooth

  6. Christopher Burleigh

    If we had had representative government in the U.S.A. at that time the torture that was carried out could never have happened because the American people would never have condoned it. Now a criminal is being placed in charge of the CIA whether we like it or not.

  7. jeb stuart

    People are accusing her of Torture" and cover up, even destroying documents like Hillary Clinton. Yeah we should have released all that stuff like Obama did and then our enemies would murder our assets in the world.
    Here's what the Taliban does and the media and demos don't even acknowledge they do it, they take take a tribal chiefs grandson, pull his front teeth and then use him beat him half to death and then leave him in a garbage dump or in a ditch near death if not dead if he's not dead because most of our enemies don't torture for intel they torture because that's how they get their jollies. And they still like cutting hands off or women's heads for the slightest religious offense especially if they are from another tribe its a great way to kick off a soccer game. Waterboarding? Torture? Which is torture?

  8. ElMasriyeen

    I don't really see what is controversial about her based on what is public so far. I see nothing wrong with waterboarding confirmed terrorists. As long as they are guaranteed to be confirmed terrorists then they don't deserve any sympathy and nobody should be criticized for anything they do to a terrorist.

  9. Never Mind

    The Pure Evil Extreme Left Wing Fascist Liberal Democrats and Nazi Marxist American Socialist Democrats have against this Wonderful Amazing Woman and Great American Patriot is "Water Boarding"…..hahahaha : All of You Morons, Scumbag, Mental Case and Retarded Obama Dick Riding Dumb, Stupid, idiots Liberals and Socialist should all go back underneath that rock you Sorry Ass Losers and Snowflakes come from….now go and stay in there forever : Go

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