Why Gina Haspel is a controversial CIA choose

Why Gina Haspel is a controversial CIA choose

Gina Haspel is a profession CIA official and can be the primary girl to go the company. However her involvement in working CIA “black websites” through the Bush administration is controversial.

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  1. Alex L

    The CIA is reminiscent of a cult, now spreading its tentacles throughout basic law and gathering unlawful intel without threat or causal motive. It’s an entity full of satanic spirits and principalities. The LORD God knows and sees the corrupt and satanic deeds these folks commit, REPENT , stop betraying AMERICA!

  2. Alex L

    Those who are in clandestine activity and intel motivated agencies if you have any integrity whatsoever you know what you need to do to expose and uncover corrupt delegation, have mercy on your fellow neighbor.

  3. Homeless Homie

    Get ready to have your backgrounds checked a lot more severely. America, it's time too really wake up!! this will go beyond the I-9's and E-verify's all the way too your past taxes even!  women, you wanted equality well, here she is! She will put America in the hot seat and light the match right under your ass for the longest time.

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