What the world thinks of Trump’s first year as US president – BBC News

What the world thinks of Trump’s first year as US president – BBC News

Donald Trump’s first year in the White House has been followed closely around the world. We asked people on the streets of seven cities what they made of it.

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  1. pablo9364

    Is this really what the world thinks of the president? Perhaps it is what the BBC thinks and has edited accordingly.????!?!?! Don’t pay the TV license if you don’t have to , don’t encourage fake news !

  2. George White

    great president who says thinks as they are and not the pc world we live in let's be honest African middle eastern countries are shitholes if they where not why does most of there people die to come to the West.

  3. Majesticjkr

    Trump has done a great job for Americans in his first year, I'm not American but I do follow what's going on over there like everyone else, Trump speaks his mind and is honest to his people, if only every NATION had a Trump

  4. BeegtymeRawkstah

    Because the people who established the standards for first-world nations truly value the opinion of people who create third-world shitholes wherever they go. We put men on the moon while you are still trying to figure out how to poo in the loo.

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