What is net neutrality and how could it affect you? – BBC News

What is net neutrality and how could it affect you? – BBC News

This week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will decide on whether to repeal an Obama-era law that protects “net neutrality”. It refers to the principle that all traffic on the internet is treated equally.
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  1. laser325

    Who knows? Maybe this will be a good thing.
    People will stop wasting their brains/socialising with virtual friends/etc and get back into real life, as it was before the internet.
    Sure, good things can be found online, but who could say life is better since people spend many hours of their day staring at a screen?

  2. Pete C

    Keeping NN means Google and FB will still keep their monopoly over content. They'll show you what to see and what not to see.
    The question is, after this year and a half of blatant BS and censorship, do you still want NN?

    Here's the conspiracy, why have so many posts popped up, not just here, for pro NN? Must cost a lot of money, no? So who has the deep pockets to do this? The people that want to keep the monopoly, of course, silly!

  3. Chad Rushing

    Big Government loves controlling the internet because we all know how fair, impartial and efficient the government is. I am sure your propoganda is understood and loved by your bug govetnment supporters. Notice how no "bad" effects are mentioned? This is a red flag for those that think this is Truth. Paying for better services is a bad thing?

  4. robert freeman

    This is about greed, not being fair so it wouldn't surprise me if this is passed. People in positions of authority don't listen to the people who vote them in. They listen to their pockets. If I am wrong then why aren't more talking out about it ? Distracted about other things ? Nah. Very few show a commitment or a willingness to stand for a actual believe etc. They just stand by and try to look like they care whilst being paid. All whilst blaming the opposition etc for the children going homeless etc this Christmas. Nothing changes when greed is involved.

  5. K1ngjulien_

    You're a little late to the party, since the vote is happening today, but I completely agree that net neutrality is the most important thing on the internet.

    You pay an ISP to give you a certain bandwith that you can access all the sites with, and if they allow their customers to pay for speeds that they can't povide, that is a scam and should be illegal. They shouldn't be allowed to slow down your traffic below what you pay for.

    Its like the postal service delivering amazon packages slower because people orde so many amazon packages…

  6. Punkster

    All this is based on might be's and could's. Net Neutrality is not a good thing, I had someone explain it to me and I have since changed my mind.
    If you want to argue with me, can you please do so without the insults? Thanks.

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