What did Saint Valentine appear to be? – BBC Information

What did Saint Valentine appear to be? – BBC Information

Saint Valentine is the patron saint of individuals in love. In lots of international locations 14 February (the date he’s purported to have been killed within the 12 months 269 AD) is the day of romance.
Brazilian designer Cicero Moraes has used human stays, considered that of the saint, to reconstruct Valentine’s face with the assistance of laptop graphics.
The stays are stored at Saint George’s Church within the metropolis of Moselice, within the Padua Province of Italy

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  1. Vane Fal

    Watching everyone shoot the BBC again for reporting the latest scientific finding. Scientific findings are always a WIP, are you going to blame the BBC every time science revises its findings? Get used to it, that how science works. You get a reference, follow it up yourself if you're so concerned. Easier to whine?

  2. Phil Dobson

    What's the rest of the story, which relic bones were DNA tested?
    St. Valentine's remains are also claimed to be in Dublin. Saint Valentine lived in 3rd century but most relics arrived in their present domain in 17th or 18th century (1, 500 years later)


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  4. Lanester 101

    Christianity: Actual saints remains to be scanned and analysed, in order to find out what he really looked like, authorized and monitored by the Roman Catholic church. Full 3D model to be created for maximum realism.

    Islam: Draws a hypothetical sketch of Muhammad…… STONE AND BEHEAD HIM AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY!

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