Vladimir Putin: What does the world consider Russian president? – BBC Information

Vladimir Putin: What does the world consider Russian president? – BBC Information

Energy-hungry, good-looking, or the perfect president on the planet?
Individuals in 10 nations share their views of Russian President Vladimir Putin, forward of presidential elections on Sunday.
Video by Helene Daouphars.

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  1. Mrs Mac

    Don't know. But one thing for sure is we dont need to pick a fight with Russia so the left wingers in the Conservative and Labour gvts can say see you need to stay in The EU so we protect you from Russia. At least Russia has fewer terrorist attacks he protects his people. By the way the House Intel have just ruled no evidence of collusion with Russia. Why is the BBC not reporting that? Just the usual propaganda. And more mass rapes in Telford.. No news on That? Just disgraceful really..

  2. lonar30

    I think putin can do lot better then he is doing for the world. The fact that he supports Pakistan means is ok with terrorism…. he is also against democracy…. for instance in North Korea and Syria…. he approves of Communist China…… being a leader of a powerful country he should stand by the right thing and not the wrong thing

  3. Michael Mariner

    You could also ask the same of any Western leader..No Country or it's leadership is 100% clean Honest,Or respected..No country knows this better than Britain the U.S or it's leftist Liberals & the lies They spew..Me Personally I respect Russia,It's leaders & their People..Despite the British Biased Canaries.

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