Trump’s comments that have sparked dispute over race

Trump’s comments that have sparked dispute over race

Trump’s most recent comment, calling Haiti and other African comments, ‘shithole countries’ has not quelled critics accusing Trump of racist. Here are some other times Trump’s comments were questionably racist.


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  1. The 5-Star Review 2017

    But at the same time, I agree with the President in this way. Africans should have to pay black Americans raparations for slavery! No pay, no come in. The Haitians beat Napoleon! The whites are still salty so we got to let them have that. Haiti's on its own!

  2. Frank Goozie

    If a country is a shit hole then it’s a shot hole.. I mean a fact is a fact. Maybe if the Clintons didn’t steal all the earthquake money through contracts Hati wouldn’t be a shithole. The Hatian president himself came out and said he was threatened by Bill Clinton these are facts. So it’s ok to rob from them, take food out of their mouths nobody says anything about that but god forbid you call them a shithole lol.

  3. Mark Jacob

    They are shithole country's, that's a fact!! That's not racist, that's about how bad they are governed like haiti..the Haiti government has stolen all the billions of dollars donated by White people..dont help their own people..thats a shithole

  4. Jay Smith

    I heard people say " Respect the office of the President. " Yea, Trump and his staff is setting a good example for americans to follow. For Trump supporters, we will be accountable for our actions and speech to Jesus. Seek Him not man.

  5. Nick R

    Still waiting for the racist comment by trump. He's speaking the truth an butthurt liberals can't handle it. Haiti an parts of Africa are shit. Charlottesville it was both sides, an he said some Mexicans that are coming over are bringing drugs crime an are rapists, hate to break it to ya but that's true too.

  6. Josh 123

    They are shitholes, the violence came mostly from the left ofcfourse you won't show any of that and trump still was fair and said the right was just as equal to blame, he didn't call Mexicans rapists he said some are, some are drug dealers, and some are nice people, trump could say the sky is blue and you'd find a way to spin it, if you're gonna report on someone do it honestly and fairly instead of pushing your agenda and ruining any and all credibility you have

  7. Arthur Roslin

    So what if he is racist (whatever that means anymore)???? Who said that Trump has to conform to the anti-racism Beta narrative promoted by Lib/Dems???? Trump will determine his own Alpha narrative based on what he sees and deems fit. That is the mandate he has been elected for….

    BTW, this "racism" word is being continuously EXPANDED by Lib/Dems to include any criticism of blacks (even valid and essential ones) in order to silence those criticisms. No one is going to fall for this NONSENSE anymore. If the Libs/Dems continue with this approach, then people will soon wear "A RACIST" as a badge of honor….

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