Trump worries concerning the commerce deficit – ought to we? – BBC Information

Trump worries concerning the commerce deficit – ought to we? – BBC Information

The US commerce deficit has been a near-constant goal for Donald Trump – each on the marketing campaign path and within the White Home. However now that it has risen 12% throughout his first yr in workplace, ought to we fear?

Video by Paul Blake and Kai Steinecke

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  1. Thesoulismagic777

    His clone was saying he made America great bbc, go look around our country all empty shops industrial units empty then ask people what we been saying over 5 yrs he came into mess to be part swamp
    Threatening women in gab due to intelligence

  2. MrMorethanexist

    The BBC is such a crap 'news' organisation these days…..they present 'information' for the idiots and never tell the truth about anything. Basically, they are working for the CHINESE communists to assist in destroying the western world. I find it incredible that these clowns do not even understand what is going on around the world today. The UK like all of Europe and western civilisation in general should LISTEN CAREFULLY to what Trump is telling you – because this man understands what is going on in the world….the BBC will never tell you the TRUTH because they are all working for the ENEMY of you. They want a globalist communist dystopia…..they are winning……you better wake up and do whatever you can to stop this evil before it completely wrecks western civilisation and replaces it with an ASIAN COMMUNIST run world order and turns the west into the new THIRD WORLD. how can people be so blind as to not see the reality of it all. FFS just look at the construction industry around the world and see how the COmmunist 'model' is corrupting the very idea of a home – and how the communists are creating FAKE communities of ISOLATION and segragation……how they are BUILDING WALLS AROUND YOU…..its not to defend your 'borders' from invaders – it is to imprison you in fake communities controlled by COMMUNIST ELITES.

  3. ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive

    ©™ ALX 💥 Armed 🔫 Liberation 🕶 Xecutive 🕴 Observations:
    That's not the whole story. The movement of jobs out of the US can be tracked with the increase in Union's and fair labor laws. Back in the 1800's and early 1900's when 9 year olds lost fingers in milling machines for pennies a day and mine workers were worked to death for script only good to make purchase at the Company Stores, or even earlier when slaves were used, American Corporations were fine with made in America because slave labor of one kind or another was available. BUT, as minimum wages, health benefits, vacation and sick days came into being the cost of doing business increased and Corporations became Transnational. Capitalism is based on the exploitation of workers. That's the core principle. Pay Everyone less than the worth of the goods or services they produce and what is charged for the goods and services to the consumer. That difference is the profit passed to stockholders as return on investment.
    Manufacturing, robotics or not, and it's mostly not, has sought out more wage slaves in foreign countries. Jobs are NEVER coming back to the US. Capitalism depends on exploitation of cheap labor.

  4. eric lovelace

    The bbc really do hate Trump don't they, it's funny because they practically worshiped Obama LOL. BBC is totally fake news – why are we Brits being forced to pay for this fake news MSM commie channel? Let the Left fund its own propaganda hatred out of its own damned pocket – perhaps Sore-arse can help fund their bullshite.

  5. Jack Johnson

    This so called expert BBC found is stupid. Automation and robotics isn't the reason our manufacturing went to China and Mexico, it's cheap 3rd world labor. Trump is now putting tariffs on products coming here to bring back manufacturing. The latest tariffs are 100 dollars on clothes washing machines. This will mean that US made washing machines won't have a tariff and will be cheaper than the imported ones, therefore more people will buy American made washing machines. China, Japan, South Korea and many other countries put tariffs on our products going there, so what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Trump knows business and we are fortunate to have him as our president.

  6. Cock Monkey

    Trumps become a Politician his entire focus is staying in post and trying for a second term. I doubt he cares about the deficit, nor do I think he has the vaguest fecking clue how the global economy works. He's by no means an idiot but his business has always been very simple acquisitions, in which his expertise has been experience of numerous other deals. If he wants to make America great he'd do a better job serving one term not fecking anything up then overseeing construction projects.

  7. Dave

    The UK is not an exporting country. We are a finance/services orientated economy. This is why we've had to have a strong currency over the decades. If you want to compete in exporting then we'll need to weaken the pound.

  8. Gus Swampwallower

    Trade benefits both countries. That’s why they do it. People want stuff at the right price and quality and get from wherever it can be supplied.
    Trade is not a one sided donation of wealth. GOP, take some time off from vote rigging and promoting racism and explain this to Donald. Slowly.

  9. Panos Gramms

    so funny to watch bbc, i m a greek we had trade deficit of 15% for more than 20 years , and they were telling us , owww its ok doesnt matter dont worry about it……………look at us now…….well bbc let me tell you, yes !!! trade deficit is important as f !!!!!!!!!

  10. gary j

    Trump should worry about the Trade Deficit !
    Greedy Banks destroyed the Worlds economy in 2008 !
    Obama's disastrous Presidency doubled the debt to over 20 Trillion.
    For the first time in decades Trump has reversed and reduced the debt by 12 Billion
    Jobs have started to come back.
    Fantastic effort from a great President !
    Despite the hindrance of the Democratic Party !

  11. 필승!

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  12. 필승!

    Moon Jae-in is a pro-North Korean. Vice President Fence asked Moon Jae – in . I do not want to meet people in North Korean. But, Moon Jae – in rejected the words of Vice President Fence. Moon Jae-in had a disgraceful experience with Vice President Fence.President Trump should quickly bomb North Korea!!! Do not take too long!!Moon Jae-in and Kim Jung-eun would like to postpone the US-ROK military training because of the inter-Korean dialogue.

  13. handsoffmygun MF

    When they talk about our exports to Mexico, a big chink of these exports are materials being shipped there by US companies to make their cars, appliances, etc. and then the finished product is shipped back to the US to sell. Mexico is a poor 3rd world country where the average wage is 5 dollars per day, so these people can't afford to buy our things. NAFTA, which was signed by Bill Clinton, was all about allowing US companies to move to Mexico for cheaper labor and have their products shipped back here without tariffs. Trump is thankfully renegotiating NAFTA and if he doesn't get us a good deal, he plans to cancel the deal. In the NAFTA agreement, any president can cancel it at any time.

  14. Joshua Koenig

    2 Corinthians
    Chapter 11
    2 For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.
    3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

    Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness

    I go back to the Word of God, I seen what It done back there. (And then, God, let us all go back there.) And with the weakness of no support of organization, no support of denominations, no support of the ecclesiastical setup, but in simplicity and the power of the Holy Spirit that fell on Pentecost, with the same message that Peter had on the day of Pentecost, "Repent, every one of you, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins"… You won't be harnessed up like a bunch of these theologians with your collar turned around and a Bachelor of Arts degrees, but, brother, you'll have something in your hand. And long as the Spirit of God will get into that Word, It'll conquer and bring back them lost sheep that's gone astray. Amen. Confess our weaknesses. Throw off your Doctor of Divinity. Throw off your know-it-all, your membership. Strip yourself before God, spiritually speaking, and call yourself unworthy. Then God can go to using you. Just don't say it from your mouth, bring it from your heart.

  15. Eva P

    To let a "businessman" like Trump decide on the country's money should be the most insane happening ever in US history. His main qualifications are bankruptcies and boasting.The deficit increased to record high $ 660 billion in 2017 and Trump will increase it to $ 1 400 billion this year, according to JP Morgan Chase. His businessidea is funding and wasting money by pawning all assets and invest in projects that monuments his own ’greatness’ and racist agenda – like the old fashion wall, the military, isolation of the US by breaking trade relations, discrimination, propaganda news, elimination of opponents, deregulation of rules that limits his power, tax cuts for the rich elite etc. … Just destruction, poverty and a crashed Republik can be expected by Trump, it should be obvious by now. His tweets speak for themselves, no other source of information is necessary.

  16. Phil Dobson

    Let's get one thing straight 1930s depression was caused by super high interest rates / Loan Sharks & their dual nationality billionaire descendants relentlessly push for interest rates up & "free trade" to push workers faster or be unemployed & we'll produce it in another free trade country. So what about the extra miles everything has to travel to its marketplace the important thing is more billions for the dual nationality billionaires

  17. wandering spirit

    BBC-Do a story on the Hillary Clinton/FBI corruption in their attempt to influence a US election
    and undermine an incoming US President. You can talk about Clinton paying $10 mill to Fusion
    GPS to concoct a phony Trump/Russia collusion narrative to destroy Trump that the liberal media
    has been feeding the public 24/7 for over 1 year. This is the biggest scandal in US history. and the
    liberal mainstream media is ignoring, Why? Because all of them are liberals!

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