Trump on N. Korean missile: ‘We will take care of it.’

Trump on N. Korean missile: ‘We will take care of it.’

In response to reports that North Korea has launched another intercontinental ballistic missile, President Trump said he “will handle” the situation.


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  1. Ole Fella

    Bands of Anglo brothers and their gang leader Uncle Sam can not afford another war, since they are living out waning days in twilight zone with ever growing mountain of debt, mighty deficit, costly wars, ever widening gap between the richest ten percent and the rest, disharmony between the rich and the poor. Google 'Shrinking Uncle Sam – China Watch – China Daily Forum' for plain truth.

  2. I Dislike Seattle

    Why can't Japan and South Korea take care off themselves? They got booming economy and have the technology! We should only care about ourselves! We pay billions upon billions every year while our national debts is rising our people are suffering! #Trump make America great again not Asia!

  3. Gearhead2008Yeehaw

    Idiot, said there was only 'One way ' to deal with N Korea, fire and fury. That was 5 missile tests ago.
    He almost tried diplomacy before he broke out more insults adding fuel to the fire.
    Prez dumb-dumb is a true piece of shit, but not as dumb as those that support his pussy grabbing ass.

  4. David Chavez

    I hope people in the US know North Korea can't do anything to the US. There missiles can't even reach us. It's the people in Japan and South Korea who should be worried. Plus if the US attacks first China could get involved starting WW3. But lol you know, we couldn't elect Hillary because she'll start a war with Russia right? But China? Who cares….

  5. J S

    Don't forget Russia. They don't dare to attack us directly so they're doing it thru Korea. Everything that has happened since WWII has something to do with Russia, directly or indirectly, specifically the Korean War, Vietnam War, and so on. It's probably not a coincidence that Korea has progressed so briskly after Trump was elected. Trump is weak. That's why Russia supported him in the election.

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