Trump makes ‘Pocahontas’ jab at Native American ceremony

Trump makes ‘Pocahontas’ jab at Native American ceremony

During an event at the White House honoring Native American World War II veterans, President Trump referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as ‘Pocahontas.’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders later said it’s not a racial slur.


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  1. Pedro Infante

    what's going on this world mexico has a idiot president and USA has one too the only differences is the mexico president its a gray donkey and the one from USA is a white donkey lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂 no wonder thats why it sucks and lots of killings and both states 😏😏😏😒😒😒what else to expect when you choose too idiots to run a country 😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Zapo

    People need to demand justice and hold the DOJ, the FBI and Congress accountable for allowing all the corruption in our government and country. We need to see some heads roll for not doing their job. Drain the swamp!

  3. tag427

    He is filth and he is our president! He must be impeached! or resign! I am a centrist like a a lot of Americans and we never liked him-We need our pals on the right who fear Russia and will give him up and the left that will stop whining and finally make the effort to vote!

  4. Kevin Long

    You know how you can tell that Trump is doing the job he is elected to do ?  So many idiot Lib Tards are just so pissed they cant stand it.  Trump won the election yet they still cry for Obama in the White House so he can paint the White House Rainbow colors and bow down and apologize to Saudi Princes.

  5. myname is love

    So what?? Natives call her the same thing! $5 dollar indian , pre-tendian.. She won't even take a DNA test!! She's just a WANNABE! Trying to get some kind of entitlements!!!
    Why don't you show the ENTIRE 20 minute video instead of picking a minute and a half of the honoring ceremony for the Navajo Code Talkers?!?! YOU'RE the ones being RACIST!

  6. o o

    Americans better hope and pray that Donald Trump is only pretending to be crazy. The point of no return is when Trump starts believing in what he is saying…….. Russia has free healthcare.

  7. maavente

    I get sick to my stomach listening to Trumps way of speaking to, and about the REALLY great people of America. The natives. The people who took care of the land with great respect and love for thousands of year. . ….America was stolen from these great people, (in the cruellest way possible) the great people who REALLY understood how to live in harmony with Mother Nature. And they have never got any heartfelt apology from any presidents… Because they are still disrespected, in every way. America is rotting from whitin, because people has forgotten how to live in harmony with the land…It will be its downfall. Mark my words! Soon we will see the truth and the realisation of the great Cree quote"“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.” Here Trump stands talking in an overbearing tone to these brave men, whilst he some months ago wanted to risk contaminate drinking water and damage sacred burial sites with oil pipelines all the way from North Dakota to Illinois. Why?
    Money money money! And Trump can NOT miss an opportunity to mock someone, this time with his Pochahontas remark. Im from Norway, and ever since I was a little girl I have always thaught of a USA as a stolen country that is betrayed, ruined and mistreated. God bless the native people of America.

  8. J S

    "* Orange Moron T is NOT MY PRESIDENT !!! * It's time to take an action before losing our Great Nation. Sign the petition for impeachment on this link Please add this link to your message like me and spread this link. We have to save ourselves. No one will do it for us. Take an action for your future. I’m white republican but I did not vote for orange moron T"

  9. largraf

    President Trump has overturned and discarded over 500 Obama "laws" in less than one year. After 4 years Obama won't even be a memory. It'll be remembered as a nightmare. I am going to start a petition to not even hang obama's portrait in the Hall of Presidents. Well, maybe they can hang it in one of the toilet stalls. It's an appropriate place.

  10. David Coleman

    Here we have the ZERO honoring a HERO!!! Trump is not fit to hold any public office. His constant Racism, Bigotry, Hate, Lies, Rhetoric, Paranoia, Propaganda, Scams, Injustice is like a CANCER to America. Trump lacks Character, Class, Dignity, Intellect, Poise, Decency, Integrity, Morals, Honesty, Honor, Empathy, Compassion, Eloquence, Manners, and Humanity. His ONLY AGENDA is HIMSELF!! And His GULLIBLE FOOLS of supporters KISS UP to the FOUL MOUTHED BUFFOON.

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