Trump hits out at UK PM Theresa May after far-right video tweets – BBC News

Trump hits out at UK PM Theresa May after far-right video tweets – BBC News

Donald Trump has told Prime Minister Theresa May to focus on “terrorism” in the UK after she criticised his sharing of far-right videos.
“Don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom,” Mr Trump tweeted.
The US president had earlier retweeted three inflammatory videos posted online by a British far-right group.
Mrs May’s spokesman said it was “wrong for the president to have done this”.
The US and the UK are close allies and often described as having a “special relationship”. Theresa May was the first foreign leader to visit the Trump White House.

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  1. Angela Halliwell

    Ain't it just amazing how many trump cultists watch BBC , and there was I thinking they were permanently glued into Fox,,,
    Acchhhh ,, who am I kidding! If you tracked down the internet addresses of many of the comments from here, they are neither from the U.K. or the USA . When all the dust settles the public will find out how many fake accounts are doing the rounds on YouTube today.


    So Trump thinks The US "is doing just fine" !  Well to be honest the US doesn't need Terrorists as they have a mass shooting every day…check it out….But They are doing just fine, what a joke. Time they outed this bigoted moron from office.

  3. John Smyth

    The UK population is 99% S C U M
    W W 2 D Day veterans thrown out of Kent care homes which are given over to the filth from Calais
    10 year old little girls raped by gangs of up to 30 Muslim men
    Disabled Ethnic British children live in rotting slums while new housing is thrown at Africans
    British soldiers with arms and legs blown off in Afghanistan given NOTHING while Syrians get adapted housing , benefits for made up disabilities

    99% of the UK SCUM couldn't care less
    Yet when Farage or Hopkins dare say anything THEY'RE CALLED RACIST


  4. Colin Henderson

    Well done Mr Trump you are right freedom of speech the UK Government is 2 faced and cowards you will only get shit from Politicians not the public on the street as the public agrees with you and before i finish FUCK the BBC bias .

  5. Honest Zach

    It's the Muslims in a couple of those tweets that weren't showing "decency, tolerance and respect." You are faulting our president for trying to influence policies that will protect us from such violence? Instead of putting a cloak over the violence, the prime minister should do the same for British citizens.

  6. Bexley Outpost

    Well it seems our globalist run government wants to take whatever from EU tyrants but when Trump says anything they go in to full triggered mode! I live in Tower Hamlets and believe me this is the future of the UK if we continue on projected path, it is hell here for white British person or even non muslim person. Ive just come back from Tyrrelstown North Dublin and they have turned a once lovely area in to African gang central with attacks on people almost daily! European leaders have abandoned their people and this disgusting woman we have as PM typifies that abandonment. We need to get rid of electoral politics and replace with a government that will completely reverse the policies of the last 30 years at least! Well done Trump for showing the establishments true colours again, I don’t care much for him but care even less for the Tory/Labour globalist charade.

  7. Ratsquid

    she is a pure Muppet! Islam has no place in the developed world it is a dangerous backward belief system and they will take over if we lie down and carry on being an all accepting nation, look at Sweden 2 years and a third of it is lost!

  8. Chetan Biswas

    As an Indian immigrant living in London, I am not a fan of either Donald Trump nor Britain First. BUT he is bringing this nation's attention to some very serious deep rooted social problems that the west is experience right now. Maybe the BBC should try to focus their attention to the inherent social divisions in British society instead of immediately making Trump look like a racist bigot.

  9. iain davis

    oh great now he has cancelled his visit. there goes the perfect opportunity to talk about a trade deal significantly;y weakening our position in talks with europe. she's done this deliberately to scupper relations with the US.

  10. Right Wing Champ

    The Alt-Right in it's current form only exists because of the crazy progressive Left. The state of the UK can't be ignored no matter how much fake news or propaganda you throw at it. Why does the government even bother when most of the country know the truth. What is the point in lying anymore?


    Trump saying "We are doing fine". America is worshipping Satan and illegaly invading countries and killing so many poor people in Middle East! Billions of Americans money is being shifted to Israel every year whilst Americans are suffering severe poverty and mental health problems! America is clearly run by the Devil!

  12. william bonny

    the bbc and the leftists are a huge threat to britain.when a drunk pole died in london after attacking mixed race youths.he fell on his head.and when a syrian was attacked by black gangstas. the media said white brexit supporters did it.the net then filled with death threats to british tourists from polish nazis and football scum.

  13. Lewis Johnston

    One of those videos was found out to be fake. However, the "Killing Gays" and "Smashing Virgin Mary" are real. To say that it is anti Islam is mad. Surely they understand that those 2 videos are real, with Muslims murdering people and smashing other religious stuff. Its odd that there are so many non-Muslims sticking up for terrorists. What a world we live in these days.

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