The S Korean village furious with Trump – BBC News

The S Korean village furious with Trump – BBC News

North Korea’s continuing weapons tests will be high on the agenda when Donald Trump arrives in South Korea.
Residents of one village are angry about the US Thaad missile system and have been holding protests, some of which have turned violent.
Video by Goktay Koraltan, Mark Lowen and Hosu Lee.

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  1. Soul

    Many of those demonstrating in South Korea, so called liberals in South Korea are organized by China or North Korea underneath. They penetrated into South Korean society and trying to brainwash innocent people. Some are Chinese origin anyway. Just send them to North Korea and problem'll be solved.

  2. pentuplemintgum666

    You have got to quit lying to people CNN… er BBC. Same thing. Did you guys purposely seek out NK supporters? The best part is shoehorning in Trump hate wherever possible, even if, especially if, he wasn't involved in the decision at all.

  3. Naked Eagle

    THAAD is a useless tool against an enemy at such a close range, Japan is dotted with THAAD and they can't even shoot down a single NK missile. THAAD can only counter a missile during its descent(up to a certain speed, North Korean test missiles surpassed it already), North Korea is so close that they can fire a missile at low altitude and still hit South Korea in under 5 seconds.

  4. Jim Jackle

    Trump didn't pressure the South Koreans to accept the THAAD missile defense system, they asked Obama for the system which costs billions and Obama told South Korea if they would donate the land, he would install the system for free. Free meant that the US taxpayers would pay for it, and Trump said no way. He told the leader of South Korea to pay for the THAAD system if he wants it.

  5. tenaciousdnk1

    As a Korean descent….if they hate US presence so much and they sympathize with DPRK, then we should just pull out of there and not waste US tax dollars protecting such an ungrateful nation. I'll bet you if the US pulls out, it will be the greatest regret they will ever face.

  6. Jiu Choi

    Hi, I'm South Korean here in the UK. It is true that there are some, very few, like 0.005% of Korean population, of extremists who basically think that we should break off any alliance with the US, hating America no matter what without being realistic.(show me a country without a group of mad extremists) Strictly speaking, the people in the video are not even those political extremists. That is more of a local NIMBY(Not In My BackYard) protest, which, obviously, ended up being Anti-Americanism. They are more concerned that their land is going to be damaged, and about the following disaster on estate price.

    Well the general opinion on Trump, in Korea, is not the best.(I find it quite similar here in the UK) We all know about the war crime that America committed in the past and the fact that Donald Trump is being a weapon dealer. However, people have all sorts of different opinions on whether it is a necessary evil. The situation is more complicated than any of the people below think so please do not assume that all Koreans are thinking 'this way'. It might be just a morning breaking news for you but for Koreans it is a matter of whether to see a giant mushroom cloud in our front yard…

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