The ‘pumpkin spice tax’ could scare away your holiday cheer

The ‘pumpkin spice tax’ could scare away your holiday cheer

Everything from Oreos to almonds generally cost more with the fall flavor, the price comparison site found.

Of course, Starbucks drinkers may be all too familiar with the upcharge for a pumpkin spice latte (affectionately dubbed PSL) when it is released each fall. The coffee chain charges as much as a dollar more for pumpkin spice, or nearly 25 percent, MagnifyMoney said.

On the flipside, Dunkin’ Donuts, which not only offers pumpkin-flavored coffees, but also donuts, muffins and pumpkin cream cheese for its bagels, does not charge a premium for the fall favorites.

Overall, Trader Joe’s pumpkin waffle mix had the highest percentage markup, according to MagnifyMoney: It costs 133 percent more on a price-per-ounce basis than the plain old pancake mix. (Click on graphic below to enlarge.)

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