Texas shooting: Suspect-chaser describes pursuit of shooter – BBC News

Texas shooting: Suspect-chaser describes pursuit of shooter – BBC News

Johnnie Langendorff tells the BBC how he and another man chased a suspect who killed 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, but he says he is no hero.

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  1. Carolyn OBrien

    I think he is a good example of how good citizens of our nation are feeling right about now. It's time to stand up for what is right and take our nation back from low lives and scum bags. Good people need to take action against evil or evil will prevail.

  2. Edward Price

    A lot of people live in a bubble. Someone told me once that nobody needs a gun in Oregon, but in TX, oh yeah for sure we need a gun. I told that person, "Sure, nobody needs a gun until you need it." They live in a bubble of "it'll never happen to me."
    But this isn't just about a gun, it's about just knowing that bad things happen ALL THE TIME. Everyday! And we can't be ignorant about it.

  3. eXe Mist

    TBH They deserved it, if you're in a church there is a %99.98 chance you're a bible bashing racist, who hates anything or anyone that challenges their make believe friend. Maybe if you guys didn't give guns to 3/5 of your people then there would be less School shootings,Terrorist attacks,Gun Crimes and general Crime.

  4. CosmicCum

    notice how no empty headed Trump supporters are parroting the ignorant phrase "Fake news" on this report? Strange, its as if the term "Fake news" is used to make sources of public information seem illegitimate to suit a political agenda…. I guess Trump supporters are pro gun…. who'd of thought?

  5. el Médico Extraño

    they hide behind the peaceful muslims(will be activated as extremists at some point by the true violent islam war crusaders)
    imagine what they'd to their adopted daughters and their slaves…
    Islam Money! Amen to Islamic planet domination… where unlimited wives and family orgies… and the islamic fathers are singing "Marry your daughter" to themselves. Then survival of the fittest for the males… Only the elite islam males will remain with their lavish palaces and sex robots…Of course no gays allowed because islam is basically for the man's point of view.
    .but lesbianism during family orgies they allow… Because a man looks ugly to another man…no sexual value… will be treated inhumane and worthless slaves… sexually attractive women will be more priveledged … they just had to let their men use them in bed and they'll be fed and sheltered well…but sometimes, the men can get violently sadistic and unsanitary.. Pure evil like islam was never worth these sacrifices. The world is violent enough already, but it will be way worse if Earth becomes Islam. There are no borders anymore… Communists, Kremlins, Islam never stopped expansion since cold war… They are not just preparing, they want it to happen… Reservoirs of evil wants to take billions of lives

  6. MistaCcyner

    Americans are stupid. "Oh great that this guy had a gun, that's why we have them". These shootings are most of the time caused by mentally instable people who can easily get a gun in the same way as this hero, which he is, got his one.

  7. kosys

    Is god willing to stop evil, but can't? Then he is not powerful.
    Is he able but unwilling? Then he is not good.
    Is he both able and willing? Then how can there be evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him god?

  8. Mr. X

    the irony is strong in this event. People were praying to God for protection and to prevent evil from happening yet Evil showed up and shot them. I guess God was too lazy or too weak to stop the gunman.

  9. ushimky wong

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