Tensions Build in Jerusalem and Beyond Over Trump Declaration

Tensions Build in Jerusalem and Beyond Over Trump Declaration

Referring to Mr. Trump’s decision, the Hamas statement added, “Any attempt to falsify reality and history will not succeed.”

Mr. Trump’s declaration, which was widely condemned internationally — as the status of the entire city has traditionally been left as a matter for peace negotiations — has also stirred emotions and garnered furious responses from leaders throughout the Arab and Muslim world.

In Beirut, Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the militant organization Hezbollah, called on Thursday for Arabs and Muslims to respond any way they could. If Palestinians decided to start another intifada, he said, everyone should back them with the means at their disposal, whether with weapons, money or moral support.

In Tehran, state-backed rallies were held after Friday Prayer. The hard-line imam Ahmad Khatami said during his Friday sermon that “all the world is protesting Trump’s decision,” adding: “Some of the statesmen in America believe he has a mental problem and must receive treatment from doctors.”

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