Tackling the toxic danger inside our cars – BBC News

Tackling the toxic danger inside our cars – BBC News

Pollution inside a car can be worse than on the pavement – It acts as a gas chamber, trapping nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and soot-like particles. Especially when you’re stuck behind the exhaust of the car in front. Richard Westcott reports.

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  1. Alien

    And Que the immature jokes from the underdeveloped thought processes of the Youtube public,… Moving forward,… I predict in a matter of 2-years, these air scrubbers will be built directly into the cars at the manufacturers.

  2. James Grey

    This must be true because you saw it on the BBC. Brian Cox says If we don't ban cars then London will be underwater in 20 years and the North of England will be a toxic desert. And its all your fault. You have to beLIEve it.

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