Suffragettes: 100 years since girls gained the suitable to vote – BBC Information

Suffragettes: 100 years since girls gained the suitable to vote – BBC Information

100 years in the past right this moment girls lastly gained the suitable to vote. The Illustration of the Folks Act meant that girls over 30 who owned property might eventually have their say. It was a proper that was fought for and gained by the suffragette motion. It was a motion that started in Manchester. Its chief was Emmeline Pankhurst. Our Correspondent Elaine Dunkley seems to be again at her legacy.

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  1. Mat Broomfield

    These heroic women – marching for equality whilst their men went to war. Notice they didn't have the right to join them high on their agenda – no, they were perfectly satisfied simply handing out white feathers and telling young men that they were cowards if they didn't want to go throw their lives away. More political whitewashing of history.

  2. Home Guard

    "I think being a person of colour and then being a woman is kind of like having two layers so you kind of have to pick your battles" Get out of my once great nation you useless, weak minded, benefit seeking curry ass.

  3. Dick Burns

    SUFFRAGETTES = TERRORIST FAILURES!!! They gave up just before the war (including Pankhurst) and the vote was only given to men and then women after the war by a Parliament they tried to disrupt. Feminism is based on manipulation, violence on the street, and even using bombs. Pure ideological lies.

  4. Cock Monkey

    During the Referendum 3 Million EU citizens Living in this country and 1 Million British expats weren't allowed the Vote, nor was the Vote extended to 16 year old Citizens.

    A superb example of why anyone who can vote should exercise that privilege and a reminder of how those in power try there damnedest to discourage or prevent that happening.

  5. fredo1070

    Fake news, fake history. The Suffragettes only wanted rich posh women to have the vote. They wanted the £10 vote, you had to pay £10 (several weeks wages) to vote. Suffragettes hated working class women.

  6. Zhaneris

    Feminism today is totally unnecesary and old fashioned, like be today against slavery. I don't understand why the media is so focused on this, imagine 24 hours of propaganda against slavery, so redundant.

  7. GBOY69GAY

    Actually it was the autonomic Grand Duchy of Finland (1809 – 1917) as a part of the Russian Romanov Empire, which gave to the all adult woman citizens of Finland equal rights to vote first in Europe in 1906, about 112 years ago. Finnish women got too at same time right to be parliamentary election candidates as a part of the common and equal political rights law in Finland. In 1907 then the Finnish Parliament got the first female members, who were the first female members of parliament in the world by the way. New Zealand as a part of the British Empire then gave first in the world to their all adult female citizens equal rights to vote in 1893, but I think that they got their first female politician members of parliament in New Zealand later than in Finland. Greetings from Northern Europe, Finland! 🙂

  8. Peebles Pete

    It was great to see the big turnout yesterday in Trafalgar square but disappointing that only 3 showed up for the female emancipation in the refuse collection sector protest today. Still a long way to go to address male domination in one of the largest employing sectors in the UK. Article below.

  9. Live Free

    The suffragettes were a terrorist organization they conducted an extensive bombing campaign in the years leading up the the first world war.
    They even tried to murder the chancellor of the exchequer with a letterbomb.
    Interestingly, the "letter bomb" is the only thing a feminist ever invented.
    ALSO FYI, at that point in history only landowners had the right to vote, these women did not want male non land owners to get the vote, they wanted ONLY women to get the vote.
    So absolutely NOT fighting for equality at all, they didn't want to be conscripted like the millions of men that went to war and died, instead these witches showed white feathers to men to SHAME them into going to war. These horrible women were fighting for rights and privileges at the expense of men and boys, just like feminists today.

    A bit like modern feminists in that regard.
    They contributed absolutely nothing to humanity.

  10. Comic Book Guy

    The suffragettes would be utterly disgusted with modern western feminism, which is more concerned with espousing Islamism and "trans-feminism" than it is concerned with the common western woman, i.e white women . And the BBC is an ardent supporter of modern feminism .

  11. Atlas

    They Did anything to allow voting for women. They achieved it and as time progressed their decisions was respectable.

    Now these feminists are basically going against what they was fighting for. It's a joke.

  12. Lanarkish

    "It was a right that was fought for and won by the suffragette movement." No it wasn't. What isn't mentioned in this very skewed post-hoc rationalisation is that the Representation of the People Act gave men the right to vote too. None of the young men slaughtered by The Powers That Be (who controlled the Right To Vote) on the battlefields of France and Belgium had the right to vote either, Both Men and Women were given the right to vote by the Act in 1918. And it wasn't "won". It was given as a concession to stave of the righteous whiff of Revolution which was drifting over from Soviet Russia.

  13. Hazmatt

    The reason why women could not vote was NOT because they were seen as inferior to men, but because they had the privilege of not being forced into combat rolls. Women now have the best of both worlds. They can vote and not have to sign up for selective services. If another draft happens, they get the privilege to choose if they want to fight.

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