SOUTH AFRICA POLITICS: Zuma Says Disappointed By Ruling of Supreme Court of Appeal

SOUTH AFRICA POLITICS: Zuma Says Disappointed By Ruling of Supreme Court of Appeal

President Jacob Zuma said on Friday he was disappointed by a ruling of the Supreme Court of Appeal‚ which has rejected his latest bid to fight off a corruption case.

“The decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal today‚ whilst disappointing‚ was much anticipated‚” the presidency said in a statement.

The Supreme Court of Appeal on Friday dismissed a bid by Zuma to appeal a previous ruling that he could face 783 charges of corruption‚ fraud and racketeering.

Zuma and the National Prosecuting Authority had asked the court to set aside a Pretoria High Court judgment that the charges could be reinstated.

Zuma last month asked the Supreme Court of Appeal for the opportunity to make submissions to NPA boss Shaun Abrahams‚ who has been criticised for shielding the president from prosecution.

“The effect of the decision is that the only legitimate decision made by the NPA is to prosecute President Zuma‚” the presidency said.

“Importantly‚ it means that the representations have not been considered and the expectation is that the NDPP will now consider these representations under the correct prescripts of the law and make a legitimate decision relating thereto.

“Any person has the right to make such representations and an expectation that a legitimate decision will be made.

“These representations will be amplified in light of developments in the ensuing period‚ not least of all are the recent revelations around the integrity of the audit report which underpins the prosecution.”

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