South Africa: ANC decides Zuma should go – BBC Information

South Africa: ANC decides Zuma should go – BBC Information

South Africa’s ruling African Nationwide Congress (ANC) has formally requested President Jacob Zuma to resign, a senior celebration official has confirmed.
The choice to “recall” him “urgently” adopted marathon talks of the ANC’s prime management physique.
Mr Zuma, 75, agreed to step down, however solely within the subsequent three to 6 months, the official added.
Mr Zuma, who as been in energy since 2009, has been dogged by corruption allegations.

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  1. Pro Market Master

    Nkosinathi Nkomo was killed because they did not want him to build an economy in South Africa. He was a student the founded a AquaRenu. He was murdered. Now, the news is trying to cover up his death. This is current. It is attached to something big.

  2. Africanpharaoh pharaoh

    I live in the UK and try going to to a white ghetto,black or Asian one and you will understand the difference the problem is the West will hide it's poverty but just walk around London and New York for a few hours you will be shocked it's the same every where in the world you have bad and good places problem Africa had it's to friendly to these western media they only go to bad neighbours and say this is the whole of Africa or go to safaris and say this is the whole African this is how people live in jungles and everyone has a gun and is dying of aids a load of nonsense zuma must go tho I agree I don't like what he has done to the south Africa but he will be replaced with another cia or mi5 agent with dark skin and same policys the only people who will benefit are the Western world not the Blacks,mixed race,whites or Asian in South Africa they will only bring more division amongst us but believe me Africa is changing where not failing for those silly games anymore soon people will be leaving there homelands to go to Africa to find a job as long as we all work together we will build our motherland trust me

  3. Gary Willman

    The Years of ANC rule will forever be remembered as the Dark Age. The crimes which have been commited under ANC stewardship have provided the lowest period in South Africas history. It's time for one of the most beautiful countries in the world to shake off greed, corruption, racism and step into the light.

  4. Mark Sandera

    The problem with S Africa is there is no one with competence to run the country and hasn't been for many years and we all know why.It will only get worse and will be as bad as Zimbabwe very soon.Thats what happens with dictatorships.Also getting rid of the vile Aparthied and replacing it with another vile form of racism has proved a total failure .

  5. John Fenn

    Zuma "Shoot the farmer kill the Boer", no mention of incitement to murder of course, the BBC doesn't want to throw a fellow racist under the bus? How's that openly racist hiring policy going Beeb? The BBC is a disgrace and the fact that we are FORCED to fund your racist B.S. is the most disgusting aspect of this situation. The BBC needs to go and the racists responsible for their appalling policies need to face legal consequences.

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