Saudi Arabia’s House of Cards – BBC News

Saudi Arabia’s House of Cards – BBC News

Saudi Arabia is seeing dramatic developments after decades of slow change. Modernisation, women’s rights and squaring up to Iran are all on the agenda, driven by the kingdom’s new, young crown prince. BBC Arabic’s Ahmed Zaki tells us why it has suddenly happened.
Producer: Dina Demrdash
Graphics: Albert Villa Alsena

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  1. BBCfakenews

    The Saudis will never survive without oil wealth. When the oil runs out Saudi Arabia will be reclaimed by the desert and once again be buried by sand dunes. The kingdom's fair weather political 'friends' will vanish overnight.


    Prince Charles is head of the parachute regiment and the Queen can call on the head of the armed forces to close parliament with its elected representatives by force at gun point.The oath is taken to the queen by the armed forces the police and prison service not to the people of the UK.They don't serve us they serve unelected elites.We call the Saudi regime but we should take a look at ourselves.

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