Sandy Hook Senator: ‘This happens nowhere else’ – BBC News

Sandy Hook Senator: ‘This happens nowhere else’ – BBC News

US Senator Chris Murphy called for action to be taken to prevent shootings shortly after the Florida school attack on Thursday.

The Connecticut Democrat represents the state where the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting took place in 2012.

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  1. AJ ME

    LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH, 19th ? If our polititions quit lying to us, maybe something will get accomplished in Washington. Such as finding real ways to protect students, and helping those children at risk. A man who commits suicide outside a school that has been closed for several months is not a "school shooting" Mr. Senator.

  2. Safiye Sultan

    This shouldn’t happen anywhere, wether it’s developed or not this should not happen. How can a mentally unstable terrorist be able to enter the school carrying a machine gun ?! Where is this incompetence coming from ?! This is extremely intolerable, our children should not be subjected to such harm in a place where they least expect it. I’m good enough with a pistol to protect myself I don’t need an AR-15 or any weapons of war. We are done praying for our families we are done with sending condolences and burying our children before they even blossom. This is not a matter of politics but national security and life !

  3. Мария Плетнева

    Gun free zone? What a joke! A person who decides to "have some fun" can easily bring a weapon from the outside and start shooting. Most of the time after "fun" he just decides to kill himself to avoid punishment. So the result is: media spreads the word about it, more psycopaths do the same thing, gun free zone isnt safe anymore.
    Background check? This is also unhelpful as we know from Las Vegas. The guy behaved well, didnt have any connection or sympathy to any terrorist orgs and etc. Honestly speaking, if people learn to hide their "true" motive when buying a gun, then background checks is just a game.

    I would like to go to USA some day. It is a beautiful country with many different things to explore. However I would go there only when this gun problem is over.

    Why do I have this feeling that Trump doesnt do anything about it because this way he wants to keep immigrants away from the country? Like " it is scary here, we all have guns, dont go to US"

  4. Robert Rodgers

    Treasonous Trump is a cancer on America. This shooter was a typical Trump supporter, as can be seen via his pro-Trump hat and his online pro-Trump postings. The sooner that Treasonous Trump is impeached the better. Everyone associated with his anti-American administration needs to be thrown out of government for the rest of their lives, from all of his appointments to Pathetic Pence. Thrown them out and lock them up! No one who is decent votes for Republican scumbags anymore.

  5. MediaSubliminal

    look at this scumbag. He has, what I like to call, a "punchable face" Btw, in case anyone doesn't know, there wasn't 18 school shootings in the US this year. That is a blatant lie started by a gun-grabbing "non-profit organization" (which is run by a particular politician). Such "shootings" on the list include a gun accidentally fired into a wall at a police training academy (talk about splitting hairs) and a guy that killed himself in a parking lot of a former school that had been closed down for almost a year. Yeah, those count as school shootings, right? Right??
    No, they don't. While I agree that a single legitimate school shooting is one too many, I really wish people would question the narrative a little more. Especially seeing who owns all media.

  6. Robert Hafetz

    The killing in Florida is a failure of the mental health system. We cannot impose treatment on the violent mentally ill before they kill even when we are absolutely certain they will. Current law only allows a short term hospitalization which is effectively useless. The killer in Florida was clearly acting in ways that indicated he would kill. There was enough criteria to commit him but no one acted. This mass killing was 100% preventable. This is what we need to do.
    Change the law so we can mandate treatment when a psychiatrist certifies that a person is likely to be violent. A treatment plan will be created that will be mandatory. The first step is commitment in a locked hospital unit for assessment and medication. After the patient becomes stable there will be weekly or bi weekly visits to therapy similar to a parole system. Refuse to comply and you go right back in the locked hospital unit. This plan is life long since there is no cure for the mental disorders these killers have. The plan can be modified as they improve or made more severe if they get worse.
    The trigger for adoptee rage is feeling or being abandoned. The school expelled him and the students rejected him. Thats why he chose them as targets.

  7. Elfin4

    So simple to control though if they want to keep their amendments. Just put big security fences around schools like they do in the UK. Then search everyone entering school premises. Then and only then can students be safe inside school grounds. It is the Schools who are responsible for the safety of their students whilst on school premises. Surely that is a easy and a quick option to employ.

  8. eric lovelace

    Just type in 'Sandy Hook Actor getting into character' and watch these smirking liars trip up. These gun grabbing satan-loving commies want you all disarmed so that they can do to America exactly what they did to the Czarist Russian empire. The Constitution was put in place for a reason – to protect people from these corrupted pos.

  9. Vilonious Lee

    I see the Democrats are hell bent on remaining an endangered species. Every time they try to destroy the Bill of Rights, Americans punish them by brutally voting them from office at every level of gov't. Idiot liberals are just too stupid to understand that Americans VALUE their rights and freedoms.

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