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  1. gary j

    Once again the Fake News BBC are being economical with the truth. The BBC will know that it has been reported that Flynn was authorized to speak to the Russians by the Obama administration.
    Well before Trump came to power !
    You can and should talk to the Russians !
    Please stop this pathetic scare mongering BBC until you have some real evidence of wrong doing.
    I'm embarrassed by this Fake News Site.

  2. Des Des

    BBC daily bollocks about Trump. US politics have got fuck all to do with you.Your mates at CNN /ABC are responsible for the fake news you love to keep on about.
    If you want to regain some credibility here, focus on the Clinton lies to the FBI ,and the mass cover up job on the Uranium One deal,if you want to meddle in US news.


    The FBI is part of the Hillary Mafia they will go after the everyday Americans butt they will not go after the Scum Hillary Mafia. The FBI should be disbanded Muller should go to prison for abstraction of just.

  4. X Who

    Fuck off at once with this russian bullshit libtard democrap propaganda. Any whole minded American knows its a set up president blaming and dicksucking demoncrap trash.
    Cant bear your spectacular loosing communist craps? Hang yourselves pedophile abuser anti american chimps and rotten in hell.

  5. Kevy 1234

    This is great! While he throws a few electrons on the internet at a cost of 0$. The leftists News media goes chasing their tails with bias fake news stories. Meanwhile he gets on with the real deals.

  6. Arlinda Barry

    I'm watching this and can't believe the nonsense being said by yall!!!
    Comey ADMITTED BEFORE Congress that President Trump NEVER asked him NOT to go after Flynn so you reporting IT outs yall as part of the LYING FaK€r than HELLL NEWS!!! Also FUN FACT Elect President Trump asked Flynn to do his job and reaching out to Russia is PART of IT especially considering it was about Isis!!! Yall misleading has beens are NO DIFFERENT than CuntzillaNewsNetwork and your citizens know it!!!

  7. Alien

    For fuck-sake BBC, I wish just for once you could tell the facts and not your thoughts on a topic, I'm sick to the back bloody teeth of the BBC pushing a narrative that is in the thoughts of the BBC staff.


    What ever happened to the film FBI story with James Stewart?The US. media is with the UK tv industry involved with a sound weapon to rape the brain over telephones and YOUTUBE.Will the FBI investigate this human rights crime of sound rapist life stealing.The tv industry can on both sides of the pond,rot in hell for this unwanted,unjustified abuse.I can't stand you rapist mentalist.

  9. Sennie White

    President Trump should organize a "clean sweep" of the previous administration's employees in the FBI and Justice department… The Pres. is trying to reorganize the Judicial system judge by judge… The importance of having "true good men" and Department Heads' loyalty to direct and get rid of traitors within or (holdovers) is the President's main priority and can not be over-stated.. Obama stayed in Washington DC to undermine our current president. Private corporations escort the men who no longer are needed off the site with security.

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