‘Racist’ Dove ad: Model Lola Ogunyemi speaks out – BBC News

‘Racist’ Dove ad: Model Lola Ogunyemi speaks out – BBC News

She says the ad, which appeared to show her turning into a white woman, was taken out of context.

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  1. Butter Fury

    People who call the ad racist are racist, they immediately saw the differences of people instead of seeing other meaning of the ad… it kinda blows off. Like if I am Asian they are promoting an eye makeup of Asians , and etc I would not get offended if the makeup was meant for asian eyes since it's the reality anyway , why would I try to fight for a lie to impress

  2. iera

    We have totally gone of the deep end and there is no way for us to go back. Black people need to stop placing themselves in a position of being special. Why is it horrible when a white woman changes clothes to become black, but when the black person turns Asian nothing is happening? I haven't heard a single Asian complaining about this commercial. So black people, step the fuck down. You are NOT special enough to have the racism card privilege

  3. ヨニス

    Seriously , do you need to be black to realise how stupid that gif is?  Surprised it's not used as meme! What on earth were those broad exec members thinking?  Wouldn't say it was racist but they damn sure didn't think it through, again!

  4. 3101010

    As a male I find this women to be absolutely gorgeous….
    Has anyone noticed not a lot of ugly women are used in advertising? I wonder why that is.
    Maybe the PC SJW of today should join in a fight to advocate for creepy blue arm pit hared feminist products like Salty crackers or ManTears coffee cups.

  5. P3R50N

    Glad to hear this from a truly first hand account. Something seemed really off with the whole wannabe racist advert. No doubt something to do with the overly strong BLM and similar groups. If a white woman turned into a black woman and then into an asian., i seriously doubt this would have been as big of an issue.

  6. RaptorChic

    Bless her! The reason why they didnt offend themselves is because everyone with Money and Power cowers to the Communists who view every white person as a racist.
    They cant ever be caught complimenting a white person, Heaven Forbid!

  7. EliteXtasy

    This model is so level-headed. A person who is racist will take note of the race of these models. While Dove lacked foresight and could've predicted that oversensitive SJWs would be offended, this ad campaign was not racist. It even shows the white model "become" the East Asian model.

  8. Awesome Avenger

    I don't understand this. This was basically Michael Jackson's Black or White video in advert form. The only 'mistake' was that they led with a black woman. Who turns into a white woman. Who then turns into another woman who is possibly Asian. It's not a racist ad. She has nothing to explain. This is just a few trolls stirring shit.

  9. Big Tex

    I need to move to China or the Philippines or Hungary or somewhere that they actually have problems to take care of instead of just being bored in your perfect little Western world where the only thing left to do is to make a sensation out of absolutely nothing

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