Prince Harry & Meghan Markle pose for photos at Kensington Palace – BBC News

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle pose for photos at Kensington Palace – BBC News

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle pose for photos at Kensington Palace in London after announcing engagement

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  1. sm g

    This is one royal wedding I'll be watching!! I saw their interview, Meghan is so down-to-earth and normal and beautiful…i can't really understand Harry's accent lol but they are just too cute together. I was never a royal fan before this actually.

  2. witch, please

    Brits are just as racist as Americans, they were the original slave traders after all. Just admlit you lot hate her because she's half black. We don't care, we expect it from whites.

    P.S. She is not the first woman of African descent in the royal family.


  3. Lynn

    For anyone out there talking shit about her, it doesn’t matter what you or anyone thinks. It only matters what he thinks and how he feels about her. Obviously, he can get any girl he wants but he saw something in her to fall in love with her. Not that anyone cares, but if you’ve seen her charity work and her speeches and interviews about the charities she works with, she’s very kind and intelligent and passionate about what she believes in. He’s the same way so I wasn’t surprised. They have the same values and they have that chemistry. She’s accomplished a lot even though she’s not born to royalty. They deserve to be happy just like any human beings in this world, royalty or not.

  4. Fayzan Khan

    No Offense but he would have had done something Farrrr better than Having a PoleDancer..,

    A Strip Model '& yeah Divorcee..!

    Well fuck this shit… I have other things to worry about like NHS and Pound struggling to catchup with Euro.

  5. mrscpjones16

    For all the naysayers. Shut the hell up. Meghan is gorgeous and beautiful and kind and smart. Stop being jealous of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan. Get a life and leave them alone. She’s a very beautiful young woman.

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