Penny Mordaunt replaces Priti Patel in UK’s cabinet reshuffle – BBC News

Penny Mordaunt replaces Priti Patel in UK’s cabinet reshuffle – BBC News

Penny Mordaunt has been promoted to the cabinet as the new International Development Secretary, following the resignation of Priti Patel.
Like Ms Patel, Ms Mordaunt was among Conservatives who backed Leave during the EU Referendum campaign.
The former work and pensions minister, 44, has now left Downing Street and arrived at her new department.
Ms Patel quit on Wednesday, admitting unauthorised meetings with Israeli officials had “lacked transparency”.

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  1. el Médico Extraño

    Islam is taking over the world and they are changing it in a bad way. Australians have to go out of their way to accommodate Muslims..'The world have to change their way of life to suit everybody else yet if you go to one of their countries you've got to abide by their rules,'But nobody has to abide by our rules.'they Set up and Extort tourists money to fund the Islamic/IS money and foodbanks

  2. Jake C

    I like Priti Patel and have always agreed with her arguments re Brexit. However, her actions were careless and there is no way she can stay as Secretary of State in Theresa May's Cabinet at this point. She's incredibly ambitious and I have no doubt that her meetings were part of a play on her part to start vying for leadership. I'm sure that Penny Mordaunt would much rather be in the MoD, rather than DFID, but Secretary of State is a big step for her and it will be interesting to watch where her career leads.

  3. The Great Gutsby

    Penny Mordaunt (MP for Portsmouth North) voted to cut ESA for her sick and disabled constituents. Penny once submitted an expense claim form for 90p at her local swimming pool. In 2015 Penny was the tenth highest claimer out of 650 MP's, she managed a total of £187, 977.70


    The conservatives are dying.I thought I had a interest in current affairs but even I don't know who's on the Tory front bench any more.Who cares any more about them,they shield a torturer,they are disgusting the lot of them.

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