One woman’s simple recipe for a happy street – BBC News

One woman’s simple recipe for a happy street – BBC News

How one woman championed a way to bring community spirit back to city streets and keep children fit. World Hacks meets Alice Ferguson, founder of Playing Out.

A smartphone film by Dougal Shaw
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  1. Jim The lad

    Ok…. What if a resident needs to drive up to their house on the road? Why do they need people blocking off the roads wearing yellow jackets? Why can’t the mothers just tell the children to go out and play like they’ve been doing for centuries? Most importantly, what about the other residents who have to listen to all the screaming children for hours each day? Its like living in a school playground with constant lunch break.

  2. TheJoyOfGaming

    I'd like to imagine that this is a tight knit community. I'm sure they will have spoken to their neighbours before hand and held countless council meetings to get this done to mitigate any health concerns or nuisances. It might just look like any old sign they put up at the end of the street but the reality is it's probably the many efforts of the whole community.

  3. dmitriy40

    Doesn't every single of these houses have a backyard? Take down the fences, and let your kids play, WITHOUT inconveniencing traffic. Why are these overly dramatic statements hinting that kids are locked inside homes, and have no place to play outside? BACKYARDS! And why all these parents mention that when they were young, things were different? Were there no roads or streets 20-30 years ago? Laughable.

  4. Cin Cin

    That is an awesome idea, but might I suggest that in this day and age we must think of safety for the children. Not just against terrorism but people who might be elderly or lost, drunk drivers. Maybe placing better barricades at the end of the street, barrels, speed bumps even Park a car at each end of the block. That’s what we do and the children have a huge block to play on , we place marking posts so they don’t go past that point. Between the no pass point is three to four car lengths to the block car in the middle of the street. Because our street ie one way and the is car constantly going the wrong way. Just idea ,

  5. Alison Stenning

    This is such a great idea! We do it on our street and it's amazing fun for the kids and adults. We consult with all neighbours before we apply to the council to close the street for a few hours, and we let residents drive to their houses, if they need to, slowly and led by a steward. And, of course, if ambulances ever needed to get along the street we'd get out of the way. It's for a few hours a month – who can really complain about that?!

  6. ushimky wong

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  7. Vane Fal

    (Disclaimer: I am not a parent nor know any children)
    (1) I have a heart attack and the ambulance needs the street to get me to hospital.
    (2) The children subconsciously associate the street as a playground outside of cordoned off time.
    (2a) Their body clock becomes accustomed to a particular time to play in the street – even when its open to traffic
    (2b) If no particular playtime, they might get confused when playtime verses no playtime is in session
    (2c) They have the urge to play in a similar looking street they might happen across when unsupervised even
    (2d) They associate playing around parked cars as a game
    (3) Damage
    (4) Noise
    (5) Safety -Streets are not designed as playgrounds: Gutters, kerbs, dog mess. – And human mess: Broken glass, rubbish from passers by, needles, sringes, etc
    (6) Vote in politicians or frequent businesses that promote spending less on wars and more on diplomacy and society infrastructure around the world.

  8. Bexley Outpost

    may be stop concreting over the country, allowing communities to turn to crap by economic migration from third world slums and invest in our own that would make a happy street! I mean i have just come back from Tyrrelstown North Dublin a once nice place turned to crap by African gangs! Take note!

  9. Honda Housey

    That's a lovely idea… but the number of incidences where people have intentionally mowed other people down with vehicles, has drastically increased over the years… mainly perpetrated by one particular group of people.

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