Model Zoe Brock claims that she was one of Harvey Weinstein’s victims- BBC News

Model Zoe Brock claims that she was one of Harvey Weinstein’s victims- BBC News

Model and actress Zoe Brock has claimed she was a victim of sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein.
Ms Brock says that in 1997 she was brought back to a hotel under false pretences.

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  1. Travis Norseman

    This one sounds like bullshit. I think she was flirting with him and trying to use her sexuality to get what she wanted from him. She followed along through the whole set-up thinking she would just dip out at some point leaving him thinking he might get some at some point. Dangling the carrot on a stick in front of the donkey to get what she wanted. I certainly don't condone rape but dick teasing is shitty and dangerous and he didn't rape her and this doesn't sound like harassment to me. It sounds like a little slut playing a game that got real with a pathetic fat loser that was being played by a hot young chick.

  2. Hush Hush

    interesting how all these WOMEN come out and complain only after he cannot distribute them in movies anymore. They come out only after he is gone forever, after he can no longer decide if they get a role or not.

  3. Andrei Yudin

    Some of his victims reported him to the New-York police.I witness that the police and FBI in New-York are criminal organizations.I arrived in New-York on 26.09.2015 to apply for political asylum in the USA.The FBI and police stole my money which I paid live in New-York for 15 days and drove me away from the United States.Will your BBC interview me?

  4. rip van

    They all got the roles, assuming they weren't raped, does that mean they agreed to spred their legs?….. Meryl Streep calls him a God in one breath and a devil in the next… A spineless bunch the lot of them…. If they really were brave they would have spoken out before they got famous but that didn't suit their own selfish agendas…. How could they say nothing and knowingly allow so many more young women to be abused and raped after their experience… They should be ashamed of themselves for doing nothing for so long, they are a spineless bunch these thespian types…

  5. Blazed and Confused

    So many women who still went with it, just to get in moving pictures, or to protect their precious careers. So many people in Hollywood actively enabling this behaviour. No wonder they got so much to virtue signal about all the time. Consciousness weighing heavy.

  6. Stephanie Gonzalez

    the comments……why ? Why do you need to always fight the victims? You all are the reason people stay silent . You are all the reason why this continues. Thank you for helping rape culture thrive. Shame on all of you and your fake accounts so you can troll the internet.

  7. Gordon Watson

    People are spineless these days. Everyone is on the trample on Weinstein bandwagon though these allegations have not been proven to date. People are terrified to say 'I will wait to see if the allegations are proven', fearing a backlash from the effeminate mainstream media, including Fake 'News' BBC. I would not be surprised if some of these 'victims' are opportunists, seizing their moment for some spotlight. Their business is show business after all.

  8. dAn

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    The Weinstein abuse allegations are a mentality prevalent through out the uk tv industry.Secret hypnotic suggestion,invasion of privacy.Helping a Goverment practice a weapon that causes headaches around the left ear.Evidence of a weapons use that mimics,induces szchophrenia experience.
    Why would you think it funny using a weapon and practice torture for the governments behalf for over ten years?The Weinstein hypnotist,the Weinstein mentalist,psychologist.If the Weinstein allegations are true and people hate him,you'll hate the tv companies and scientist,politicians who think sound weapon practice is ok to do in modern britain,especially when we leave the EU,the European court of human righAre our courts independent?Is the brain rape experiment corruption of the establishment and political interference of the courts?

  10. iseeicyicetea

    so he tried to hit on her using the "naked man" and he failed spectacularly. funny, but it doesn't really seem all that horrible, or like she's a "victim" of any kind. he didn't touch her without permission, he got dressed when she told him to and he didn't try to stop her from leaving (at least from what she told).

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