Melania ‘upstaged’ by Korean pop star – BBC News

Melania ‘upstaged’ by Korean pop star – BBC News

Youngsters go wild at an event in South Korea attended by US First Lady Melania Trump. But not for her.
Instead it was a K-Pop star who sent some fans into a frenzy.

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  1. bldomain

    Trumpets are so stupid. This is actually good for Melania. She is smiling all the way (she is stone faced all the time with Trump) and seem understanding that the teenage Korean girl will go ga ga over Minho. .This shows a fun human side of her and she will be popular with young South Koreans. However I do understand why Trumpets are butt-hurt that BBC try to make her looked stupid besides a Kpop star but the end result will be positive for her.

  2. el Médico Extraño

    Islam is taking over the world and they are changing it in a bad way. Australians have to go out of their way to accommodate Muslims..'The world have to change their way of life to suit everybody else yet if you go to one of their countries you've got to abide by their rules,'But nobody has to abide by our rules.'they Set up and Extort tourists money to fund the Islamic/IS money and foodbanks

  3. BBCfakenews

    Once again the BBC fuels our moronic and empty-headed obsession with celebrity culture. We should not forget that while BBC journalists have revelled in this sort of nonsense in recent years, they also lacked the courage and professional integrity to report on the sectarian rape gangs that plagued our major cities.

  4. 루이마간다

    Everyone getting butthurt that this is isn't news, who cares and stuff. But YOU HAVE TO ADMIT IT, this video went viral like wildfire on the internet for days. And who is Minho? He belongs to a group that the former US president mentioned, he got invited by a Korean diplomat twice because she likes him the first time they met, he can take a picture with Indonesia's president and his daughter, he was asked by the current Korean president to send a congratulatory message to Indonesia's president's daughter; and many more diplomatic roles he probably have in Korea. So who is Minho? Probably nobody…😂😂😂😂✌✌✌✌

  5. amagudgurl1000

    yall reacting badly when americans themselves treated her with disgust. we rarely see her smile in events in the U.S. this kpop star who btw has a name and its CHOI MINHO of SHINee, laughed freely around her. hes not just some kpop star, he is known for bringing out fun, friendly and calming atmosphere. melania is no exemption. she was relaxed, even touched his arm, and smiling.

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