‘I inject myself with snake venom’ – BBC News

‘I inject myself with snake venom’ – BBC News

Meet Steve Ludwin. He is 51 and for the past 30 years he has been injecting himself with snake venom.
He told the Today programme it hurt – a lot – at the beginning, but now his body is almost immune and he is donating his blood to science.
He is a living specimen in a new exhibition at the Natural History Museum called Venom: Killer and Cure.
Video journalist: Claudia Headon

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  1. The Mac

    And every gets angry at drug users !! He’s obviously addicted to the venom or he’s that used to it he needs more !
    He thinks it’s for “research purposes “ but what is this venom actually doing to this man ????

  2. Joe Mills

    Take cold showers and drink regularly, will probably have the same benefits, a bit of stress for the body to adapt to, I take cold showers almost every day and drink 2-3 times a week, haven't been ill in years only injured a bit, a few scars from jobs.

  3. Witch King

    Why so many people hating this stuff? They're extracting the venom not only for him but also for "Research" purposes. They are not killing nor hurting the snake in the process. If people get mad on this video how about watching LAB RAT which is literally more brutal than this. There are even countries who eat snakes for tonic substance / exotic delicacies.

  4. MakepplQQthenRQ

    BBC promoting self harm. Someone needs to question the use of their license this is not news worthy material. This video is not very informal and accurate in it's information in the dangers of self harming activities. Children could develop misconception of snakes as dangerous animals and intern place themselves or family and friends at risk.

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