How I divorced Islamic State – BBC News

How I divorced Islamic State – BBC News

The British ex-wife of an American leader in the so called Islamic State describes her journey out of extremism.
Tania Georgelas met her husband John, an American convert to Islam, online and they connected over their Islamist views.
After John moved Tania and their children to Syria, she decided to escape. Now she wants to dedicate her life to countering extremism and rehabilitating ex-jihadists.
Reporter: Rickin Majithia, video journalist: Colleen Hagerty

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  1. BBCfakenews

    What we all expected had to happen I suppose. Now that IS has been defeated in Syria and British Jihadis are returning to the UK in their droves, we can brace ourselves for a raft of toxic, dangerous people to be hailed by the BBC as heroic 'victims' returning to their true homeland. Watch out for this woman in more, well-paid TV and media roles, and for another lucrative book deal/newspaper serialisation to follow. Those of you who grind away at your nine to five jobs, uphold the law, and pay your taxes, can fully expect a few more kicks in the teeth before we're finished with this.

  2. Adam Southworth

    I find many who criticize Islam are just honest people who are concerned by what they know. And I believe they have good reason to be concerned, despite the pretence of BBC propaganda. Those who say all religions teach peace and universal brotherhood betray their ignorance or tell a pragmatic lie, which I regard as abuse of others' minds.

  3. BBCfakenews

    Description – 'Now she wants to dedicate her life to … rehabilitating ex-Jihadists."
    And here it is. As expected. The BBC's first crude attempt to soften up public opinion in the UK towards returning Jihadis. It seems we are now supposed to believe that these people are not murderers and rapists. but are misguided victims who made their 'escape' from ISIS, and now wish to return to their true homeland. This is very dangerous nonsense.

  4. Marcus Will

    I keep hearing her stories over and over… they all say "i was wrong let me come back". Yeah "wrong" because they FAILED in Syria meaning Christians and Alowites weren't completely slaughtered. If a califate was established then they would be right.

  5. Liz Kelly

    she doesnt seem to understand the impact that terrorism has caused on so many people's lives. the way that she seems to protray her past was as if it wasnt a big deal. She should be in jail. Her kids should be with other people who know how to parent.

    I dont think the states should let her live there.

    Im ashamed to think of her as a fellow human. Disgusting human being for trying to minimize all of the lives lost.

  6. Mike The Knight

    BBC deleted my comment so I'll repost it she wasn't forced into going to join any terror organisation she went there willing anyone who leaves there country to fight against it and its values and beliefs child,bride or man shouldn't be welcomed back there citizenship should be revoked or removed from them

  7. nn

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    1st world war
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  8. Focus2life

    Tanya is BRITISH. Why is she not shipped off and ask the British Soldiers to forgive her as she takes "a break from Islam". What a joke this is, to interview someone who regrets not spending 10 years on her education/career AND NOT ONE WORD OF REMORSE OF THE INNOCENT PEOPLE SLAUGHTERED IN THE NAME OF her ISLAM.

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