How do you clear out a fatberg? – BBC News

How do you clear out a fatberg? – BBC News

Fatbergs consist of a build up of fat, tampons, wipes and condoms that have been flushed down a drain.
Thames Water engineer Chris Casbolt shows how the masses have to be removed by hand in an east London sewer.

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  1. Coeus 2.0

    'How do you clear out a fatberg?' – First of all you have to remove the EU regulations that say the Fatbergs have a right to be here (and claim benefits), then you remove them as they are undesirable and serve no purpose other than to block to the general detriment of their community by backing the crap which eventually spills out onto our streets …. as I write i just have an image of Diane Abbot ….. why is that so fitting 🙂 ?

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