He shot at a mosque , and his life changed – BBC News

He shot at a mosque , and his life changed – BBC News

Angered by the Paris terror attacks in 2015, a former US Marine fired dozens of shots at a mosque near his Connecticut home.
Filled with regret, he tried to make amends.
Video by Hannah Long-Higgins and Olivia Lace-Evans

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  1. AugustusPugin

    Why would he feel regret fighting the enemy? This seems like propaganda to make us supplicant to the coming Islamic demographic invasion. Why does the BBC do this? Why don't they encourage the defence of society instead?

  2. John sweda

    Don't criticize Muslims or any other religion it is a form of belonging self worth it is a primal Instinct they reacted on hard-wired into your brain as long as you're not doing any harm just let them be. John Lennon had the right idea religion divides people and Nations

  3. Awurabena1

    “Among religions, Bolshevism is to be reckoned with Mohammedanism rather than with Christianity and Buddhism. Christianity and Buddhism are primarily personal religions, with mystical doctrines and a love of contemplation. Mohammedanism and Bolshevism are practical, social, unspiritual, concerned to win the empire of this world.

    Their founders would not have resisted the third of the temptations in the wilderness. What Mohammedanism did for the Arabs, Bolshevism may do for the Russians. As Ali went down before the politicians who only rallied to the Prophet after his success, so the genuine Communists may go down before those who are now rallying to the ranks of the Bolsheviks.

    If so, Asiatic empire with all its pomps and splendors may well be the next stage of development, and Communism may seem, in historical retrospect, as small a part of Bolshevism as abstinence from alcohol is of Mohammedanism.”

    Bertrand Russell, The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism (1920), Part I, The Present Condition of Russia, IX. International Policy, page, 106

  4. Coeus 2.0

    Nobody in their right minds is angered by moderate muslims who adopt western culture and do not have any anger toward western people nor society …. It is not beyond the normal person's perception however to see that Islam has more than its fair share of problems which manifest themselves in a very ugly and backward manner. The BBC is very quick to gush over any minority and in particular islam wherever possible – as this propaganda piece shows however this is, in fact, a nice story and these muslims look and sound like the real deal that the west can tolerate …. I think the BBC would not have done much digging around here to discover if the mosque was not just up to a PR exercise and some investigation into who their congregation really is and what their views are. That would be interesting journalism — but then again the BBC is not in the journalism business any more  ……

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