Gamer predicts that eSports is going to be ‘bigger than soccer’ – BBC News

Gamer predicts that eSports is going to be ‘bigger than soccer’ – BBC News

Travis “Castaway” Waters is so good at video games that the South African gets paid to play them.
This is a day in the life of the eSports gamer who competes in global tournaments watched by millions of people.
Video journalist: Christian Parkinson

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  1. Psycho Dragon

    LOL so many angry comments trying to insult esports, give up what you're saying is pointless, esports is already growing and getting bigger. and the media went from a laughingstock and into an actual media craze. For you sore losers, if you're gonna say why would i want to watch someone play a video game, then answer me this: why would i want to watch someone play a sport? .

  2. genaral dos gamers

    I'm giving here the idea of liberty. Imagine that your mind is a computer and you want to develop a algorithm of search and learning without writing a code line. A summarized example of these algorithms is the one which, using mathematical formulas, is on Google's software. This part of the website program is responsible for the opportunity of tipping a word, for example "news", and, in next moment, the interface is full of the latest most relevant news related to your personal preferences.
    Let's do this in a very simple way, and without much variables, because if we don't do like this, maybe this could get complicated. Choose, randomly, 10 websites, news' virtual bases and search engines to open in your web browsers. Let's see: TED Talks, Khan academics, Al jazeera, CNN, Baidu, Spiegel, Pravda, Figaro, Wikipedia and Google (you're free to choose other ones). After opening these pages, give a quick look into them, and that's it, your algorithm was created in your mind.
    This "engine" inside of you will work better as many times you use it, and using it, here, is meaning repeating the process.
    Now, you may be thinking, I can't speak these foreign languages. But, remember in sites there are pictures and it speak more then a thousand words. If you like the idea, practice and make singularity. Share this idea and help build a better world.
    In fact you can predict the future, as well as the google algorithm when you type on your keyboard, it's all a matter of probability using the human mind to process the data in tune with the web. Will you be able?


    Just tried a VR head set.What a waste of money and time.Its no wonder that 3D tv failed.I find computer games boring.Don't they see the patterns in games.Nothing is random.Boring playing and watching someone else play,no thank you.

  4. King Negan

    And it will inevitably breed another generation of weaklings riddled with anxiety whose only skill in life will be pushing buttons in front of a TV screen or monitor for 12 hours a day.

    You have one life. Live it. Stop living your life through games, where in the grand scheme of things, achieve nothing. Learn, and develop your skills in the real world! Otherwise when you hit 30-40 years old, you'll look back and see you've wasted your youth and gained nothing.

    What's better?
    A) Getting a quick fix, and chatting shit to your friends about some '360 no scope' you did, or some level you completed on a game that will be forgotten in a year or two?
    B) Being able to speak a different language. Being able to play an instrument. Being fit and in shape, and making the most of your physicality.

    Think about your spare time. Play games in moderation if you have to. Once time is gone, you never get it back. Think about what you're doing and what really matters!

  5. john ortensio

    this guy is telling us all these millenials are going to be unhealthy slobs im glad i grew up when sports is meant to be socializing and healthy and breathe like a human being should be. little does this guy know the third world with out this technology will conquer you while your playing those toys of theirs

  6. Iamtop

    I don't agree. As they age people loose all interest in gaming, not so with sports. Lots of gamers start practicing sport in their adulthood, the other way around is almost inexistent. Gaming has much less benefits than sport does and adults don't have time on their hands like teens do. All my friends used to game regularly in their teens, none do today.

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