Footwear mark younger US gun victims – BBC Information

Footwear mark younger US gun victims – BBC Information

Footwear had been laid outdoors the US Capitol in Washington as a strategy to characterize younger victims of gun violence. Seventeen folks had been killed at a Florida faculty final month.
Video by Liz Scherffiuss

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    Between doctors and House sound weapon attack by television parasite ho stole my human right to life.A rapist a rapist with a sound weapon following me for years.Who do they think I am?Where is my children and wife?the television industry took them from me.They continue to rape my life and brain.

  2. Have I Got Fake News For You

    Perhaps we should do the same in both Telford & Rotherham, for all the young girls brutally raped, murdered and then ignored by the Police & the BBC News over 40 years.

    Since none of you has the balls to bring it to the UK's attention, so this is what we have to do to get you to make a video on it, maybe a propaganda campaign is all you understand.

  3. Mojokuku

    Wonder if they lumped suicides in there like they always do to bump up the 'violent firearms' statistic. Suicide isn't violence, in some countries people are advocating assisted suicide. Can't have it both ways…

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