Florida shooting: ‘We watched gunman kill our friends’ – BBC News

Florida shooting: ‘We watched gunman kill our friends’ – BBC News

Morgan Williams and Ivanna Paitan hid behind their teacher’s desk as a gunman repeatedly fired into their classroom. Five of their friends were shot just a few feet away.

The students from the Florida high school describe their terrifying ordeal to the BBC.

Video by Paul Blake.

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  1. Joe P

    The FBI was informed that someone named Nikolas Cruz expressed the desire to be a professional school shooter on youtube and they did not find him. Based on this, I have no confidence in the ability of our government to protect us against criminals.

  2. Reptilla Sun

    We’re the only western country that has an epidemic regarding mass shootings! I’m sick of it!! Are we not a highly industrialized nation? Why aren’t we able to prevent & yet other developed countries can? WE NEED GUN CONTROL NOW

  3. Marsiling Martian

    The irony is that USA are sending special force soldiers to many parts of the world to fight terrorists to make USA safe again. unfortunately, they don't have any ways to stop crazy gun man killing people at random at home. There are too many crazy people in USA and they don't have any foolproof way to identify these crazy people before they sold them the guns. As a result, these kind of shooting will become more and more frequent. The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic. Those people, who love guns, don't really value human lives.

  4. gary j

    We've had Gun control in the UK for 20 years !
    Gun crime up 20%
    42% in London
    2544 Gun Crime Offences in London Met. April 2016 – April 2017. It hasn't worked !
    Bad people will always have Guns !
    If just 5 Teachers had Guns that's 5 opportunities to stop a shooter !
    Even if they didn't kill him it buy's time for the police to arrive !
    What do you think the Cop's going to turn up with ! That's right a Gun !!!
    The only way to stop a bad man with a Gun is a good man with a Gun !

  5. Truth Teller

    Just get used to it, nothing will change. There are lots of Americans so who cares if you lose a few, keep being hypocrites about gun control etc. NRA will soon advocate that kids should be armed from kindergarten on, can't see any problem with this.

  6. I soiled my pants

    I want all knives banned from Britain. I want all glass beer mugs banned, because they can be used to cut like a knife, (Brian Adams song). I also want all axes banned, unless you provide a need to own. All axes should be registered with a serial number. Basically I want any sharp object that could be used as a weapon, banned from Britain. Since metal forks and spoons can be sharpened and made into knives, they should be banned and replaced with plastic dinnerware, or wooden chopsticks. Lets show those Yankees how to stop murders, by banning all metal and glass objects from society.


    "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery", Thomas Jefferson.  "He who trades liberty for security, deserves neither", Benjamin Franklin.  "If you try to confiscate my guns, all you'll get is bullets sent air mail delivery" , Captain America

  8. xerakis

    hmmm….something weird here, many students saying that they saw the accused killer while shots were being fired in another building , also that he walked home with a student and then cops came and got him. Also many students heard at least two shooters. Doesn't add up. Now they want to try to erode gun rights? The deep state is sick.

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