Fighting sexual harassment in Bollywood – BBC News

Fighting sexual harassment in Bollywood – BBC News

The red carpet at the 75th Golden Globes was dominated by black outfits, as Hollywood actresses supported the Time’s Up movement.
But can taking a stand against sexual assault and harassment carry over to Bollywood?
Actor Kalki Koechlin is one of those speaking out.

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  1. Greg Mccumber

    Sexual Harassment is part of the multimillion dollars paycheck honey, If men didn't want to fuck you and ram their cocks down your throat you would be working in some anonymous nondescript job for $12/hr. You should feel lucky you are beautiful enough for men to harass you, in all honesty, there are millions of women out there who would LOVE to be chased and "Harrased" by men…….. lol!

  2. Rabinowitz Shekelstein

    A dark brown man covered in body hair. The first thing you notice is his smell. Curry and poo. He has a skinny frame, oily skin and hair. Slimy. Oozing curry and poo from his pores. A thin pathetic moustache. Pitiful.

    He pulls down his pants to reveal a small penis surrounded by a mane of smelly greasy pubic hair. He turns around and I see his buttocks smiling at me. His butt is covered in more coarse hair, black. Small cheeks. He bends over and parts his cheeks. A waft of pure poo fills the air. The black hair is thickest here, with a brown hue. Dangle berries can be found. Yesterday's shit clinging on to life. The poo is a light brown, like pumpkin soup. He uses his hands to part the mattered poo hair to reveal a little brown butthole. Caked in poo. Disgusting. The epicentre of filth. An ugly crater. A dirty yet prolific anus.

    The Indian.


    Why are Indians the only people I hear about saying at each issue that group A and B should work together to find a solution not battle it out. Am I just missing it when my fellow Americans say it? Honestly curious.

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  5. The Saint

    All girls should stop working for Bollywood. Bollywood is a place where they get molested in a legal way, in name of films. Also one must not forget, Bollywood is a Business sector. You get paid for physical contact, well do you think they can " act". Not just Bollywood, every damn entertainment movies.

  6. Bexley Outpost

    Indian women are beautiful and their men do well in business. India has done well creating and marketing a unique film industry and continues to make gains across industries, but India itself is a shit hole! The divide between rich and poor is third world level, there is absolute poverty and the attitude towards women is just above muslim attitudes towards non muslim women…You cant change cultural attitude towards women anytime soon but hopefully it will get better for women in not just Bollywood but across India as India builds on its continuing prosperity that eventually drives up living standards and lives change hopefully for the better which should lead to an overall change in attitude.

  7. black cat

    There is more sexual harrassment in Hollywood than bolly and you have documented on Bollywood stop showing only bad side of countries like India and China, just look around your country there more problems documents on them
    While typing this I got notification from news app title is '20 years old 4 times Olympic champ claims sexual harrassment by ex team doctors
    president of so called developed countries has been accused for sexual harrassment from secretary, actresses, pornstars, workers atleast this don't happen in India. Indian culture is far better than anyone's. There are more rape happing in London than ever
    And for Kalki will any girls accept fat, wired looking guy as leading hero ,men are aslo trying to stay ripped. is the same thing when someone expect nice looking, well figured actress its just natural instinct to like someone who is physically attractive either men or women. And calling at 2 am for work is that sexual harrassment?

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