False alarm: Hawaiians prepare for missile attack

False alarm: Hawaiians prepare for missile attack

Hawaiians were startled when they got an emergency alert saying a ballistic missile threat was ‘inbound.’ Almost an hour later, they learned it was a false alarm. Many are outraged.

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  1. Teru Nekomimi

    To those wondering or confused, this was clearly a test to ensure that the alert system works properly. The software was installed much while ago for it but the 'higher-ups' weren't sure if it works on a large scale, so they decided to try it out in Hawaii. Also, to inadvertently cause some disorder in the state for other reasons.

  2. Glenn Isigny

    The most important advisory that could ever be issued and the State Government could not get it right. No, I do not blame the actual person getting paid $22 dollars an hour that pushed the wrong button. I blame the the entire state emergency-planning personnel comprised of goofy liberal progressive academics whose men are feminized and women who like men that way. It was probably a Millennial or Gen-Z minority who pressed the wrong button and will receive pats on the back, hugs and counseling to not self-blame. No, I'm not railing on Millennial or Gen-Z snifflers. They were raised that way by parents sporting bumper stickers of their kids' honor role status – you know, the status that ALL the kids got so that no feelings were hurt. Folks, that's the kind of strength and integrity running our city, state and federal governments. However, if I'm wrong and the button-pusher was a white man over 60, he'll be exposed to the press and crucified by all.

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  4. Kathleen Tyson

    Just saw this on my local news channel the say it was an error by someone who pushed the wrong button….OOOOOPPPPPS bet that person is history.
    Sort of like Orson Wells and his radio show many years ago had people believing we were being invaded by aliens only this was all too real for these poor people.

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  6. razorback144

    this is to all the stupid politicians!!!   voting time draws near and I know you are starting to feel the icy cold fingers of political death on the back of your necks. WE SEE YOU AND WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!!!!.

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