Eminem’s video message: ‘We’re not afraid of Trump’ – BBC News

Eminem’s video message: ‘We’re not afraid of Trump’ – BBC News

The artist calls the US president a “racist 94-year-old grandpa” in a rap video recorded for the BET awards.

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    The US establishment picked Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders and that's why Trump is in the White House.Main stream news in the US go on about Russia influencing the election which is rubbish.They can't face they chose a woman for president who is hated like thatcher is in some parts of the UK even after death.

  2. Nosce Te Ipsum

    Huh, I used to think Eminem was cool. No need for such hatred towards another person that's just trying to help.

    I get that there's a lot of people that don't like Trump for his personality, or things that he's said, but he's still done a damn good job while in office. Don't be brainwashed by the media, and so-called icons of the celeb world.

  3. Dalice Card

    I think your as washed up pos. Your a disgrace to this nation. Teaching young dumb people to hateful and be violent towards others This video offends me big time. But here ya go Utube you don't think this is against your policies. That you let trash like this to be aired. 🖕🖕both of you !!!

  4. MOH-Hansy

    It's about Eminem spreading FALSE information about Trump and his supporters. He forget to mention that trump wants to improve the black communities, that the previous government has failed the black community. AS WELL as getting DETROIT back on it's feet…

  5. Grey Commoner

    It just fuels the division that exists in America, a greater move would’ve been to write a song that promotes unity but promoting unity seems beyond what these artists wish to engage in. I guess they don’t get the same PR and in turn, the same revenue by doing stuff like this. Eminem is a talented guy, but may be he forgets where he comes from so cant understand why people voted for Trump. Rightly or wrongly, people voted for real change. Although I view that as being naive, may be Eminem should look at the economic and social conditions that prompted people to vote for Trump, rather than just join the gravy train of rich celebs attacking Trump from their ivory towers.

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