Egypt mosque attack: At least 200 killed in Sinai – BBC News

Egypt mosque attack: At least 200 killed in Sinai – BBC News

Suspected militants have launched a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in Egypt’s North Sinai province, killing at least 200 people, state media say.
Witnesses say the al-Rawda mosque in the town of Bir al-Abed, near al-Arish, was targeted during Friday prayers.
Local police said men in four off-road vehicles opened fire on worshippers, AP reported.
Egypt has been fighting an Islamist insurgency in the region, which has intensified since 2013.
There have been regular attacks blamed on militants on the Sinai peninsula, but this is the deadliest assault of its kind.

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  1. Jose Galindo

    Acts 7:49 Heaven is My throne, And earth is My footstool.What house will you build for Me? says the Lord, Or what is the place of My rest?50 Has My hand not made all these things?’
    Isaiah 66:1 Thus said Jehovah: The heavens are My throne, And the earth My footstool,
    Where is this — the house that ye build for Me? And where is this — the place — My rest?
    2 And all these My hand hath made, And all these things are, An affirmation of Jehovah! And unto this one I look attentively, Unto the humble and bruised in spirit, And who is trembling at My word.
    3 Whoso slaughtereth the ox SMITETH A MAN , Whoso sacrificeth the lamb beheadeth a dog, Whoso is bringing up a present — The blood of a sow, Whoso is making mention of frankincense, Is BLESSING INIQUITY . Yea, they have fixed on their own ways, And in THEIR ABOMINATIONS their soul hath delighted.
    4 I also — I fix on their vexations, And THEIR FEARS I bring in to them ,
    Because I have called, and there is none answering, I spake, and they have not hearkened, And they do the evil things in Mine eyes, And on that which I desired not — fixed.
    5 Hear a word of Jehovah, Ye who are trembling unto His word, Said have your brethren who are hating you, Who are driving you out, for My name's sake: `Honoured is Jehovah, and we look on your joy,' But they are ashamed.
    6 A voice of noise is from the city, a voice from the temple, The voice of Jehovah, giving recompence to His enemies.
    7 Before she is pained she hath brought forth,
    Before a pang cometh to her, She hath delivered a male.
    Revelation 12:5 and she brought forth a male child, who is about to rule all the nations with a rod of iron,
    and caught away was her child unto God and His throne,

  2. BertNL

    Sorry for the victims. Lets hope it opens some eyes from the Muslims who still can not accept or want to admit  that ISIS, Jihadism, Salafism and the Muslimbrotherhood are products from the Islamic doctrine. In that way it is good that the victims are Muslims and not Christians or others. Because then you don't so many reactions of Muslims.

  3. vinm300

    Egypt : the Army is a state within a State and is totally corrupt.
    They have their own roads, supermarkets etc.
    The Army are utterly incompetent but are idolised by the people.
    In the Six days War they were humiliated and infamously betrayed the Jordanians.

    The Egyptian people are conditioned like Pavlov's Dog into subservience
    and are complicit in their own subjugation.

  4. SB SB

    QURAN and ISLAM were created by Arab Leaders to govern the Nation. Back then the Holly Bible was already popular and translated from Jewish Hebrew to almost all Middle Eastern Languages.Quran was inspired by the Bible ,Arabs saw the power of the bible. They Created Muhammad-probably one of their top 'generals', and send 10 000 soldiers to Mecca to force people to accept Quran, or loose their heads..ARABS ALWAYS had slaves.They invented slavery.They had black slaves and Indian slaves. And they force them to accept Quran, or CHOP OFF their heads , .This is the reason Quran is still in it's original form since it was made.Quran was written in Arabs Language. Arab Leaders kept Quran safe as a power tool.All stories about Muhammad are Bullshit.Back then it was easy, people believed in anything, and there was no Radio,Press or TV .

  5. Yadja

    I would love for Islam to be a religion of Peace , instead of a Piece of this one and a Piece of that one, but it is not. The proof is what we see daily. I would love for Muhammad to have been a good guy, a Buddha , a bringer of love and all but he was not. Muhammad was a murderer, a thief and a pedophile who brought such carnage to the world that scholars can't even number the dead.

    Now Sufi slaughtered, just another indication of the plague once again on this earth, and yet with what we know Sufi are we wonder who they really are and have they participated in the carnage? Islam can lie, cheat and steal.

  6. Vanilla Gorilla

    Hey what in the hell is wrong with you people . I believe in God and I have always had good intentions even when I might have slipped here n there just like us all . I'm getting so tired of this nonsense , why would you kill people you angry sad mfs. Prove your real men and build an Empire , not destroy Holy places on earth and killing anyone you dumb fkd up people.

  7. Potato

    The fact so many people are overlooking the fact that children and people died. As so many others have in other situations. But because they follow a religion, good riddance to them? It doesn’t matter what they were. Innocent children were killed. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in god or believe Islam is the bane of your existence, you should at least think about how many people lost their lives and take a second to empathize for the families and loved ones of those who passed.

  8. tanaka yamada

    The only solution for terrorism is islam. If the entire western world embrace Islam(the religion of peace) and ban christianity the world will become really nice. Ya Allah! Please guide these nonbelievers to Islam. الإسلام هو الأفضل

  9. Andreas M

    these are human beings ffs! families children! shocking! ..Ghandi once said an eye for an eye and everyone's simply means rise above it or wollow below it! so let them! And the comments on here that are to create hate from such a sick and cowardly act I fell sorry for them people! i will not insult but I feel sorry big time and ashamed! because what you are doing is just as faceless! not atrocious but faceless & cowardly! from a Greek white guy! or quite simply a human f'g being! apparently?! wake up!..not even animals NOT EVEN ANIMALS!

  10. Daniel Cheng

    It is utterly disgusting, what happened to innocent people who were PRAYING (27 of which were CHILDREN).
    But, it's even more sickening at the revolting reaction to this.

    People using this as a political device and those heinous enough to laugh and applaud at this tragedy, so much so that people use this as an opportunity to bash at Muslims/Islam.
    From what I recall, when other terror attacks (carried out by ISIS, the SAME group who planned this monstrosity) people didn't react the same.

    I do not stand on any side of the pointless political/religious spectrum here, nor do I condone any acts of terror.
    However, I am utterly disappointed in Humanity who are supposed to be living in the 21st Century of tolerance.
    I am ashamed to consider myself a Human Being.

  11. Yadja

    I have gotten many responses some from Muslims who are polite and then of course those that tell me to drink bleach. I am used to that. Anytime you talk about Islam you get this. Here is the bottom line that I believe, from being on so many posts with Europeans, Australians, Japanese, Russians, Americans you name it, we don't care if you want to practice Islam. We don't care what you do to your people in your countries. But you have brought it to our countries. We cannot allow it. Your Shariah Law, your Qur'an is not compatible with our religions or our laws and our Constitution, in the U.S.

    There just is no way for us to live together. Stay in your Muslim countries, why you come to the infidels lands with what you think of us, is a question and we know the answer, you come to overcome. We can't have it. Until, Islam changes, until it is tolerant of all religions you are not welcome to come to our countries and to commit crimes, insist on your laws and threaten us.

    Stay in your over 50 Muslim countries, leave ours and the world will be a better place. When I think of the hundreds of thousands of lives lost even before this latest war in 2003, it sickens me because without your Islam those people would be alive today.

  12. Rokcet Scientist

    How long before 'normal' muslims realize that the fundies are just as dangerous to them as they are to us in the west? How long before they it dawns on them that the west is not an enemy but a natural ALLY against those genocidal psychopaths?

  13. Jake Low

    The worst thing about this thing is that on the same day, some heartless idiot in London decided to fake a terrorist attack. That is the most DISRESPECTFUL thing you can do when a one of the biggest terrorist attacks in history happened and hundreds of innocent people lost their lives. My thoughts are with those Egyptian families that have lost someone close to them. Just a shame not everyone in the UK is sympathetic

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