Educating girls – BBC News

Educating girls – BBC News

There are estimated to be three million girls aged 10-14 not in school in India. According to Unicef, India has more child brides than any other country.
Nearly half of all living Indian women were married below the official legal age of 18. Educate Girls runs teams of volunteers which go into villages finding every girl who is not in school.
They talk to families about the importance of sending girls to school and draw up a plan with the community to enrol them.
So far they have helped millions of children and been responsible for enrolling 150,000 girls at school.

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  1. Alex Smith

    Feminist dilemmas. How do you teach boys in third world places about their born privilege when they're illiterate? By all means help the girls but too many charitable programs targeted at the third world are gendered. When you're using bigotry to separate who deserves help at this level of need there's something seriously wrong with you.

  2. smartestnameever THE ONE

    Weekly propaganda, was waiting when next BBC will bash India again 😂 Goal of their life.
    Even in the video they were mentioning it multiple times rural, village etc but of course, if you put that in title how you'll fool them believing that's the whole country 😂. Carry on your mission as long you can

  3. Practice Run Studios

    Education is pivotal for every society. I agree with this movement. Just as long as they aren't taking the American route and making sexism about men being offended by women being rude. Ex: Men holding the door open… for a woman, talking to women… but they refuse to talk back, a woman is talking… and a guy gets excited and cuts in the conversation.

  4. neha agrawal

    Why do you show only poverty in India? It's the 7th largest country with 2nd largest population. Do you think every Indian lives like this? Stop showing the world your biased image of India. We will see in next 20 years where will be India vs Britain.

  5. Avidi Arshid

    As per 2017 multidimentional poverty report, india has about 447 million living in poverty Considering that, im not surprised by 3 million child marriages figure. And their number has been decreasing. In 2005, multidimensional poverty was 700 million but as of 2017, number is about 447 mliiion. Whcih means we are doing good. Yes, in a country with 447 million living in poverty, things will look bad.

    And World bank and the UN has noted that by 2050, india's poverty will be reduced to 20 million.

    What BBC never tell u is the number of people living in middle class, that is about (1.3 billion-447million). The number of youth who are/ will be employed in future for nation building. How india is the fastest growing economy. This is the major reason why major countries are begging to do business with india including uk, but propaganda mouthpiece who always shown india as a failure since 1947 will never talk about indian middle class and its increasing technological achievement

    this all thanks to their in built racist attitude that "uncivilized barbaric" native colored people will always fail with out the guidance of their fair white master and the natives are bound to be failure if they go against fair white master

  6. Turin Turambar

    Disgusting. This is really just social re-education – as opposed to teaching the girls genuinely employable skills.

    Notice how they include boys in a program that – quite, loudly – treats girls special. The true intention behind that policy is to treat the boys as second class citizens, in class. They should, either, change the name, or, exclude the boys, altogether.

    No doubt, all that the girls are really learning is how to further the work of promoting women.

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