Donald Trump retweets far-right group’s anti-Muslim videos – BBC News

Donald Trump retweets far-right group’s anti-Muslim videos  – BBC News

Donald Trump has retweeted three inflammatory videos from a British far-right group.
The first tweet from Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, claims to show a Muslim migrant attacking a man on crutches.
This was followed by two more videos of people Ms Fransen claims to be Muslim.
Responding to Mr Trump’s posts, UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s official spokesman said it was “wrong for the president to have done this”.
Britain First was founded in 2011 by former members of the far-right British National Party (BNP).

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  1. Eduardo Rodriguez

    With respect to the Trump tweets – yes he made a mistake, he should get aides to check sources before pressing the Tweet button. However saying that, I’d prefer Trump any day to a politician who is afraid to say anything or put anything on social media for fear of being trashed. At least with Trump you know that if something is going on in the world that we need to know about he will let us know. The price is that Trump’s political nature will mean that he gets things wrong sometimes. This is much better than craven politicians hiding the truth.

  2. Dante Castro

    Im very curious, why would a Muslim want to live in a country were sharia law is not in the constitution of that country? , the only thing I can think of is one of 3 reasons, they are not really Muslims ,they wish to no longer be Muslim, or they wish,with time, to change the constitution of the country they migrate to, with sharia law. If I were a Muslim I would follow sharia law, not live in a land with laws that have nothing to do with it, I wouldn't want to go to a foreign land and mess with other people culture and change their laws to fit my way that I can already live back home

  3. Jamie's YouTube Videos

    So Trump shows the real side of Islam and somehow he's the bad one??
    Trump is a moron, I get that. However, he's the only one in power willing to stand up and tell the harsh truths of this stupid world. When the IRA attacked we slayed them on the media, when the KKK attacked we slayed them on the media. So how come we can't slay Muslims for doing the same??
    There are countless videos of many different violent crimes being carried out by Muslims across the UK and the world. Not just 20 or 30, there's are 1000's!
    Look at what they've done to London. Or Italy, or Sweden or Germany. Look what they're doing in Australia and India! They are literally taking over with violence and forcing people out of entire neighbourhoods! There are "No-Go" areas that police will not enter all over England, Sweden and Germany because of how they attack the police. They've destroyed working class areas. They are seriously out of control and no one is doing anything about it! There are 8 million people in poverty in the UK, yet we're handing the only money we have to immigrants! Immigrants who destroy our working class communities. Who rape white women and girls. Who have been brutally attacking young white girls (ask for links I'll bloody prove it!) Pushing people who owned market stalls for decades out and replacing them with "Muslim only" stalls (can also give evidence) turning council houses into Sharia Law Courts and sentencing men, women and even young children to hard labour, make shift prisons and even sentenced them to death. All in our working class areas. Politicians and moronic middle and upper class liberals should be dragged by the scruff of the neck to see the absolute shit hole these people have turned our areas into!!

    Yes, this is a very heated comment, but I am very angry about how me and millions of Britons, and Europeans are being made to accommodate people who already hate us and are seeking to destroy our entire way of life and have basically eradicated Christianity in our areas. Managing to have churches closed down and having Christians take different paths to church so they don't go by Muslims houses!! This is utter selfishness. They do not want to integrate into our society, they want to destroy it and turn it into the middle East!

    I can provide many, many links to videos and articles probing everything I said.

  4. Joe Lefevre

    All those hate filled and hate fueled MPs against Trump need arresting and deporting for their hateful agenda and high treason against the British people including that wicked traitor pretending to be the Mayor of London.

  5. Jip John

    I love the way the left demand respect to a group of people who revere a prophet who married a 6-year old, owned sex-slaves and killed unbelievers and apostates alike.

    They ignored the persecution of up to a million white children by serial gang rape:

    www. mirror. co. uk /news/uk-news/child-sex-abuse-gangs-could-5114029

    Some victims have been raped more than 100 times:

    www. bbc. com /news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-35115874

    Sarah Champion MP was fired for pointing out, this is perpetrated by mainly Muslim males:

    www. thesun. co. uk /news/4218648/british-pakistani-men-raping-exploiting-white-girls/

    Yet in the UK there are only around 1.6 million Muslim males, responsible for perhaps millions, or even tens of millions of instances of rape in total,

    Just because their religion tells them to copy Muhammad, murderer, rapist, bandit and paedophile.

    Anyone who calls themselves Muslem after this massive child gang rape, clearly supports Muhammud and the child rape…

    And they shoud be JUDGED accordingly.

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