Craig Robinson weight loss: US actor cut alcohol and meat from his diet | Diets | Life & Style

Craig Robinson weight loss: US actor cut alcohol and meat from his diet | Diets | Life & Style

Craig Robinson, 46, is an actor famed for his turn in the US version of The Office; he played Darryl Philbin. 

But away from his acting accolades, the Chicago-born star has been showing off about something else. 

Craig is sporting a much trimmer waistline, which he attributes to cutting out alcohol from his diet.  The Zack and Miri Make a Porno star has reportedly dropped just over 3.5 stone since January. 

He’s been posing on the red carpet and taking part in chat shows in the US looked much more slender, healthier and happier. 

US mag Esquire reported the actor is roughly ’50 pounds lighter’. 

Speaking to Harry Connick Jr on his chat show, Craig told him he had been working out and had changed his diet. 

But the biggest lifestyle change? Cutting out alcohol. “I haven’t been drinking,” he said. 

“Since January I just put down the alcohol. I was going to detox

“I had heard—I don’t know how true it is—but I heard you can regenerate your liver in six months.” 

He has swapped meat for a vegan diet too, calling the vegetable and pulse-base diet “amazing”. 

From a health point of view, it’s important to realise exactly what’s in alcohol and how it affects your body. 

Alcohol provides more calories than carbs and protein – about 7 calories per gram.

However, the evidence for alcohol and weight gain is not clear. 

Healthline, a well-established health website, reports: “Drinking alcohol in moderation seems to be fine and is actually linked to reduced weight gain. 

“Heavy drinking, on the other hand, is associated with increased weight gain.”

Craig has not revealed how much he was drinking, but cutting out the booze seems to have worked wonders for the star – alongside a well-balanced lifestyle and diet change.

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