British IS recruiter Sally-Anne Jones ‘killed by drone’ – BBC News

British IS recruiter Sally-Anne Jones ‘killed by drone’ – BBC News

British IS recruiter Sally-Anne Jones was reportedly killed in a US drone strike in Syria in June.
Jones, from Chatham in Kent, joined so-called Islamic State after converting to Islam and travelling to Syria in 2013.
Her death was first reported by The Sun.
The BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner said Jones had been a useful propaganda agent for IS on social media and her death would be “significant”.
Whitehall officials have declined to comment publicly. However, they have not denied the story, and US sources are confident she was killed in an unmanned drone strike in June, our correspondent added.

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  1. Graham ObI

    Bullshit if you ask me. The only people doing anything remotely good in Syria is Russia. We are helping the enemy so don't believe anything BBC tell you and refuse to pay your licence fee. I have never paid it and never will. Fuck the BBC.

  2. Daisy Sparks

    Great work everyone great work. I just hope it was definitely her and hope the identification comes back positive.
    Cocky bitch's been at it and around for too long, corrupting too many minds and expanding a web of lies. Since 2013 or more from what I can remember.
    Just goes to show you can run, only for so long, but you can't hide. Male or female no exceptions will be made when you cause damage to this extent and are full of so much bitterness and hatred.


    What evil will come of news that the UK has secretly used psychology and brain experiments. On its own people.A police man wanting always violent reactions,violent threats all with the help of a hypnotist,mentalist,scientist with frequencies hiding hypnotic suggestions to torment,to life destroy and to brain wash.Brain wash not for a better life,but to brain wash into states of psychosis,ranting and physical violence.You only follow good suggestions like" I'll buy two tortoises because now I can afford them,always wanted one and parents couldn't afford one,we were poor".
    So bad suggestions won't be followed and when a suggestion once said" it will end" without the end when a police man tortures with a sound weapon to the grave or retirement.A hypnotic suggestion" it will end" just won't work.Like a circus animal board of tricks,gives up and dies.The concept to brain rape and abuse human rights,practice torture creates a dead horse of a human to flog withhypnotic suggestion,after hypnotic suggestion.Tv companies and NHS,a disgusting thing happening even today,ten years and more.stealing a mans life and they think it funny?

  4. shareena clarke

    ….Samantha Laitwaite was supposed to be "The White Widow" born in 1986 according to online documentaries. So why does Wikipedia say that her and this lady are the same, even though one was born in the 60's and the other in the 80's?

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