Brexit: ‘Lose-lose situation for both sides’ – BBC News

Brexit: ‘Lose-lose situation for both sides’ – BBC News

Both the UK and the European Union will lose out over the UK’s decision to leave the EU, David McAllister who chairs the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee has told BBC Hardtalk’s Stephen Sackur.
Mr McAllister is a political ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and is a former prime minister of Lower Saxony.

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  1. Awesome Avenger

    It really depends on what Brussels is prepared to offer. So far they seem more interested in how much cash they can fleece from the UK taxpayer than any serious talks about the future of EU/UK relations.. And that sum appears entirely arbitrary. The UK should make it clear that any financial settlement is ultimately dependent on the kind of deal Brussels is prepared to offer. After all, the UK has been one of the few countries to actually pay in to the EU, rather than take out. Where has that money gone and what assets does that entitle the UK too?

  2. dAn

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  3. Adam Beckett

    They don't have "eleven months". They have more like "two weeks".

    The rest is needed to prepare for the December summit. If the current 3 issues are not solved, there will be no trade negotiations. And only in MARCH the negotiations can continue, due to the schedule. But as early as June 2018 all Brexit have to be finalized.

  4. dAn

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  5. Lee Kh

    To join eu was a big mistake and in the first place how come they got suck into it. ….they cannot dictate the terms for brexit and they can't do a thing. It seems france n germany is dictating the financial terms … how come? It's daylight robbery.


    Brexit will work but thousands of jobs will be lost.In the 80's the Thatcher Tory Goverment put over 100k coal miners on the dole and decimated communities that even today,haven't recovered.The Tories are negotiating Brexit with the EU.How many jobs will we loose,what painful adjustments will take place?

  7. el Médico Extraño

    Islam is taking over the world and they are changing it in a bad way. Australians have to go out of their way to accommodate Muslims..'The world have to change their way of life to suit everybody else yet if you go to one of their countries you've got to abide by their rules,'But nobody has to abide by our rules.'they Set up and Extort tourists money to fund the Islamic/IS money and foodbanks

  8. John Adams

    BBC is clearly anti British as it tries to degrade the British negotiation position. I, like possibly a large percentage of Britons, believe the BBC should immediately lose its public funding. and be sold off to the Fox Corporation

  9. Melvin Beck

    I think you need to get rid of this hung government; I want you to leave and you want to leave yourselves: so, lets help each other. You can produce comments on how fed up you are with your own government which you voted for recently, or complain about the European Union, but I think the problem analysis is simple:

    * The UK wants a trade deal with the EU or its separate countries, but needs the EU to make this happen. Essentially, the UK is not interested in the EU, but in itself (the UK needs a trade and the EU knows it does)
    *Your government is pushing for the talks with the EU, not the EU.

    So, if you want a full-swing Brexit, call one of the UK leaders and purvey this message: get the fuck out! Can you do that, and stop wasting your energy here? Be proactive and goal-oriented.

  10. Marc Bennet

    Here are some of the massive achievements of the EU reich: the CommiSSion (executive power) is also the legislative power: give them judiciary power also, for Hitler's sake! Juncker, the gauleiter chosen by the GermanSS, is singularly responsible for the most gigantic tax fraud (ongoing) ever, at the expenses of the European peoples; he would be serving a life sentence in the US; yet the GermanSS, with the collaboration of the Vichy regime in France (SarKKosy and HoLLande and Micron) have put him at the helm of the CommiSSion. Give him the papacy as well, and la légion d'honneur, for Hitler's sake. I shall stop there: enough said, for those who can think. Sieg Schäuble und sieg MerKKel, the eastern German as devoted to demoKKracy as Al-Capone has been to law and order

  11. Geoffrey Thompson

    Brexit debacle, Priti Patel, Fallon and others have already resigned. How is the EU departure date of March 29th 2019 supposed to be fulfilled when negotiations are well behind the projected timeline. If the British were smarter, Jeremy Corbyn would propose a vote of non-confidence this week.

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