100 years of chemical weapons – BBC Information

100 years of chemical weapons – BBC Information

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, the previous commander of the UK Chemical, Organic and Nuclear Regiment, takes us by means of the historical past of chemical weapons – beginning with chlorine, a choking agent that was first utilized in battle a century in the past.

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  1. The Badman

    The chemical attacks are committed by the ''moderate'' rebels (who behead children, i have personally viewed videos of these ''moderate'' rebels decapitating an 11yr old boy), to frame assads government, so the western powers bomb assad and weakening his forces helping the ''moderate'' rebels gain control of provinces, JUST LIKE IN LIBYA.

    ISIS and the ''moderate'' rebels are funded by the u.k, usa and israel among other countries such as saudi arabia to oust assad and create a regime change in favour of the saudis oil pipeline plans. Right now syria is allied with russians and iran so russia's oil pipeline is the one going through syria. This is why the west and their saudi allies want assad toppled and out of power.

    We are the bad guys in this, putin and assad are the good guys. Be careful of propaganda like the BBC, they lie to you every day, every week, every month and every year to push the agenda of their puppet masters and basically by their (((financers))).

    It is all about money, it has nothing to do with humanitarian reasons.

  2. weehawk

    Good thing this latest "gas attack" in Syria is a false flag operation. Why would Assad gas his own people just days after Trump said he would withdraw US troops? Does Assad want a US invasion? Why would he want that?

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